What is the proper way to say ‘good bye’ in Hinduism?


In our culture we never say Good bye , we say come back again , I am Gujarati we used to say come back again, In Gujarati we says "chaalo aavjo(ચલો અવોજો)" means come back again. And "Tack care is there every time". but we never say Good Bye & we also says Pranam & take Permission for go outside, from our elders and they give us blesses.

पुनदर्शनाय punadarzanAya - phrase - good bye

यानं आगतं, आगच्छामि yAnaM AgataM, AgacchAmi - sent. - The bus has come, good bye.

पुनः मिलामः punaH milAmaH - phrase - bye

In sanskrit we says पुनदर्शनाय means come back again or see you next time for Good Bye

or also we can say

आगच्छामि means Good Bye

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hello means simply we can says Pranam or Namskar

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