Is Lord Shiva dark in complexion?


Lord Shiva's Complexion was described in Chapter Four (Cancula's Salvation) of Shiva Purana Mahatyam in Shiva Puranam. You can see that from here.(Page 18)

  1. She saw the three-eyed Mahadeva, the eternal, being served devotedly by Brahma,Vishnu and other gods.

  2. He had the brilliance of ten million suns and was reverently served by Ganesha, Bhrngi, Nandisa, Virabhadreshwara and others.

  3. His neck had a blue hue ; he had five faces, three eyes , the cresent moon as crest-ornament and his left hand was apportioned to Gauri , who had the brilliance of lighting.

  4. He was white in complexion like camphor and wore all ornaments. Besmeared with white ashes all over the body and clad in white clothes,he shone brilliantly.

  5. The woman Cancula became highly delighted on seeing Shankara.In her flutter of delight she bowed again and again to Him.

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