Is the complete English translation of the Padma Purana available online?


I've so far found two legal sources that have certain volumes of the Motilal-Banarsidass translation of the Padma Purana:

  1. DSpace, the digital repository of the West Bengal Public Library Network, which has books in PDF format, but breaks each book into 80-page chunks.

  2. The Digital Library of India (DLI), which currently has lots of books only in TIFF format but is in the process of converting them all to PDF. I converted them to PDF using DLI Downloader. (I used version 5.4, available here, which is the latest version compatible with Windows XP).

So here are the volumes I've found so far using these two sources (remember there are 10 volumes total):

Volume 3 (from DLI)

Volume 4 (from DSpace)

Volume 5 (from DLI)

Volume 6 (from DLI)

Volume 7 (from DSpace)

Volume 8 (from DSpace)

Volume 9 (from Dspace)

Volume 10 (from DLI)

Note that the index of the Padma Purana is at the end of volume 10.

I also found links to Volume 1 and Volume 2, but I haven't confirmed that the links are legal, so I'm refraining from posting them in case they infringes on copyright. Does anyone know whether this book is in the public domain, or whether it's still under copyright? (I asked this question in Meta as well.)

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