What does our scripture say about marriage? Why should we marry?


What does our scripture say about marriage?

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As per manusmriti, there are four purposes of Hindu marriage

  1. To have progeny
  2. Sexual pleasure
  3. Performance of religious rites
  4. And through the above three, experience Bliss or Happiness

Why should we marry?

What Param Pujya Morari Bapu mentioned is the simplified truth to drive home a point for a larger society of people coming from different walks of life.

This is how it is said in the Satapatha Brahmaṇa. V.2.1.10

Being about to ascend, he (the Sacrificer) addresses his wife, 'Come, wife, ascend we the sky!'--'Ascend we!' says the wife. Now as to why he addresses his wife: she, the wife, in sooth is one half of his own self; hence, as long as he does not obtain her, so long he is not regenerated, for so long he is incomplete. But as soon as he obtains her he is regenerated, for then he is complete. 'Complete I want to go to that supreme goal,' thus (he thinks) and therefore he addresses his wife.

Based on the translation by Julius Eggeling [1882]

A virtuous husband and wife need each other as they proceed through life to fulfill their dharma. Through marriage they unite and together they attain the divine.


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