Avoiding Lust in Hinduism?


What is the need of austerities if you have Love for God? What are the use of austerities if you have no Love for God?

As Sri Ramakrishna ponted out;

The farther you walk West, the farther away are you from the East. Walk towards God and the farther away you will be from lust. The more you worry about lust, the more it will consume you. Walk towards God and lust will leave by itself. If you must lust, lust for God.

Krishna says in the Gita (XVIII. 65-66):

Fix your heart on Me, give your love to Me, worship Me, bow down before Me; so shall you come to Me. This is My pledge to you, for you are dear to Me.

Abandon all dharmas and come to Me alone for shelter. I will deliver you from all sins; do not grieve.

And in Gita (IX. 30-32)

Even the most sinful man, if he worships Me with unswerving devotion, must be regarded as righteous; for he has formed the right resolution.

He soon becomes righteous and attains eternal peace. Proclaim it boldly, O son of Kunti, that My devotee never perishes.

For those who take refuge in Me, O Partha, though they be of sinful birth--women, vasiyas, and sudras--even they attain the Supreme Goal.

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