Should Krishna be considered good or bad?


Cheating and Deception by lord krishna

Main aim of lord Krishna birth on earth was to remove evil, destroy evil souls and restore peace and Dharma (Virtue). He also wanted to give a message to the world that “Those who are on the path of truth and dharma will achieve victory”. He also said he wouldn’t hesitate or even flicker to do anything to save dharma (virtue). So, he may even resort to deception or trickery if there is no other choice to win over the evil souls. Lord Krishna clearly states in the Mahabharata that committing a sin for the purpose of Dharma is not a sin at all. So let us see the various events where he backed trickery and deception, to win over his evil enemy.

Killing jarasandh by inviting him in malla-yudha Jarasandh was so powerful and he had so many boons that killing him was not possible without his body being teared apart into two pieces and thrown in opposite direction. So, lord Krishna along with bhima and arjuna disguised themselves as a Brahmin and challenged jarasandh for malla-yudha. Jarasandh unaware of their real identity accepted the challenge and later, was defeated and killed by Bhima( the strongest person of that time) who teared his body vertically in to two pieces and threw it in opposite direction

Arjuna used shikandi as a bait to injure bhisma heavily. It was impossible for anyone to kill bhisma pitamah in war.Bhisma pitamah has taken the oath of not attacking any women. So, lord Krishna advised arjuna to use shikandi (Originally female, Converted to male) as a bait to kill bhisma. Using Sikhandhi as a protective shield, Arjuna shot many arrows at Bhishma pitamah, piercing all parts of his body. Finally, Bhishma gave up, focusing his entire strength and breath in sealing the injury, and holding on his life till the right time comes to give up his material body. By killing bhisma through arjuna, Krishna was trying to send a message that to protect dharma, there is no sin in going against our family or friend, either by hook or by crook.

Using ghatotkach as a trap to save arjuna Lord Krishna knew that arjuna rival karna, has the powerful weapon (Vasava Shakti) to kill arjuna. To save arjuna, he asked ghatotkach to attack duryodhana so severly that karna is forced to use that powerful weapon on him and hence, arjuna is saved from that powerful weapon. Ghatotkach did as lord Krishna requested and gave up his life to save arjuna life...

Death of dronacharya krishna comprehended that It was impossible to defeat Dronacharya as long as he stand in the battle with bow and powerful arrows in his hands. Krishna knew that Ashwatthama is very dear to Drona. So, Krishna advised Yudistra and other Pandavas to deceptively convince dronarcharya that his son Ashwatthama died on the battlefield. This will deject Dronacharya so much that he would give up fighting laying down all his weapons and this would be the time to kill him easily. So,Krishna ordered Bhima to kill an elephant named Ashwatthama and start shouting that he decapitated Drona's son Ashwatthama. Bhima did exactly as lord Krishna advised and then started proclaiming loudly that he had killed Ashwathama. Not believing bhima words, drona approached yudhistra since he knew that Yudhisthira being a strict follower of dharma would never lie.So he came towards Yudhisthira and asked him if the news of his son by bhima is trueYudhisthira replied with the cryptic Sanskrit statement "Ashwathama hataha ithi, narovaa kunjarovaa" (Sanskrit: "अश्वत्थामा हतः इति, नरोवा कुंजरोवा..." meaning 'Ashwatthama is dead. But, I am not sure if it was a elephant or an human'). Krishna knew that being a dharmic person, Yudhisthira will not lie straightly. So on his order,warriors of Pandavas army blew conches and trumpets, raising such a tumultuous sound that Drona heard only "Ashwatthama is dead", and was unable to hear the latter part of Yudhishthira words. on hearing yudhistra words, drona believe his son is dead. So, he laid down his arms after descending from his chariot. Slosing his eyes, he sat in meditation to search Ashwathamma's soul in heaven. Seeing the opportunity to kill rival drona, Drupada's son Dhristadyumna beheaded the unarmed Drona who was unaware of all the deceptive plot laid against him.

Death of jayadratha Jayadrath was given the boon by his father that the one who be head his head, will burn into ashes when his head falls on earth. To take revenge of his son death, arjuna took the oath of killing jayadrath before sunset and if he is unable to kill jayadrath then he will burn himself in fire. Hearing this oath, Dronacharya created combination of 3 layers (vyoohas) to protect Jayadratha from Arjuna. At a moment when the sun was about to set and still thousands of warriors were standing on the path or Arjuna and Jayadratha. Krishna realised that Arjuna would not be able to defeat Jayadratha before sunset. So, he secretly ordered his Sudarshana Chakra to mask the sun to create an false illusion of sunset by artificially creating a solar eclipse. Seeing sunset, all Kaurava warriors started enjoying over Arjuna's defeat and were waiting to see arjuna committing suicide. Jayadratha started laughing at arjuna's situation and came towards him to mock him. When jayadrath reached within the grasp of arjuna arrow, Krishna revoked the illusive sunset by bringing back his sudharshan chakra. When sun was unmasked, lord krishna informed arjuna that sun has not set and pointing his finger towards Jayadratha, krishna asked arjuna to kill him immediately. Arjuna release a powerful arrow in such a way that the beheaded head of Jayadrath fell on Vridakshatra(Jayadrath father) lap who was meditating under the tree close to the battlefield. In shock of what fell on his lap, Vridhakshtra got up which made the head fall on the ground which resulted in bursting his head into 100 pieces.

Death of karna It was impossible to defeat karna as long as he is standing on his chariot and he has weapon on his hands. During the war, arjuna fired a bow on karna chariot which caused his chariot to stuck deep inside the earth. Not able to fight war, Karna went down to remove his chariot out of the earth. Seeing karna weaponless and out of his chariot, lord krishna ordered arjuna to kill him instantly. Arjuna beheaded karna by firing a powerful arrow on karna neck, thus killing him. Although arjuna managed to killed karna , he was later termed as a coward because attacking a weaponless warrior was against the rule of the war.

Death of duryodhan When almost all the warriors of kaurava army were dead, Yudhisthira challenged duryodhan to fight one-to-one against any of the pandavas with a option of selecting any weapon of his like. He further says that if he defeats any of his Pandava brother, then Duryodhana shall be declared as the winner of the war. Duryodhana selects his biggest rival 'bhima' over other pandavas whom he would have defeated very easily because of his magnificient mace fighting skills. Both were trained in mace fighting and wrestling by lord krishna brother 'balaram' and had exceptional physical and mental strength. After a long fiercing battle extending for many hours, Duryodhana starts to exhaust Bhima. Seeing the plight of bhima, Krishna signals Bhima to attack duryodhana thigh, by slapping his own hand on his thigh repeatedly. Bhima followed lord krishna suggestion and attacked Duryodhana thigh repeatedly with a mace thus causing duryodhana severly wounded and hence defeated. Here, bhima was also called as a cheater since attacking on areas below one’s stomach is against the ruleof mace fight.

Why did Krishna use deceptive technique to kill kaurava warriors?

  1. We can’t blame Krishna, Arjuna for using lame technicalities to win battles. Karna, Bheeshma, Drona - each of these warriors was more than enough to beat Arjuna and the rest of the Pandavas single handedly. But since Dharma had to be upheld, Krishna had to resort to certain tactics to ensure Pandavas victory. Without Krishna and his tactics, Bheeshma himself would have destroyed the entire Pandava army
  2. krishna in gita says to arjuna. All these warriors are already dead. Their heads are already cut off by me. Your job is to only get the fame. If not you then someone else will do that because there is no choice, as they all r already dead. Many times he reminds arjuna ''you fight & leave the result on me, your duty is to fight, leave the result for me ''.Mahabharata war was fought by krishna alone, pandavas were just like pawns of chess
  3. Krishna was accountable for the death of all warriors. Actually, lord krishna wanted this war to happen so that he can end a Yuga with his death and start the new yuga i.e Kali Yuga.
  4. He wanted to show that karma(Actions) should be higher significance than janma (Birth). During the last rituals of pandavas brother Karna, he supported Duryodhan instead of Pandavas. Karna the Pandavas brother, yet Lord Krishna suggested that Duryodhan should perform the last rites since Karna was more dearer to duryodhan than his brothers. According to janma(birth), Pandavas should perform the final rites but according to karma, Duryodhan's, being the dear friend of karna, had to perform the final rites.
  5. Gandhari(Duryodhan's mother) cursed krishna that his whole clan will be destroyed. Actually, this curse was the will of lord Krishna because he wanted to free the earth from too much burden of ksatriyas out of which his clan (Yadavas) were almost 56 crores. Source

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