What is the best way to attain Moksha (God-realization) in Hinduism?


There are many paths as there are many different temperaments of people and different understandings. There is no 'one' way. All the scriptures enjoin upon you to find your teacher - your teacher is the one that knows the path that is best suited for you.

Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita (IV. 34):

Learn it by prostration, by inquiry, and by service. The wise, who have seen the Truth, will teach you that Knowledge

Sankara says in his Vivekachudmani (3.):

There are three things which are rare indeed and are due to the grace of God--namely, a human birth, the longing for Liberation, and the protecting care of a perfected sage.

If you want to realize God, find your teacher. Finding your teacher and following his advice is the general consensus in all the scriptures of Hinduism as to how to realize God.

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