How to start reading Bhagavad Gita?


The Gita is one of the 3 pillars of modern Vedanta (the other two being the Upanishads and the Brahma-Sutras). There are many translations in many different languages. Read in the language that you are comfortable with. Chanting in Sanskrit is ok, but if you do not study it in a language that you understand, it is the same as a parrot mimicking human speech. Your aim is to to understand Krishna's message in the Gita, not to intone Sanskrit correctly.

Krishna says (Gita 18. 70-71):

And he who will study this sacred dialogue of ours--by him shall I have been worshiped through knowledge as a sacrifice; such is My judgement.

And the man who hears this, full of faith and free from malice--even he, liberated from sin, shall attain the happy regions of the righteous.

There are several ways to study the Gita;

First, a daily reading of either a chapter or the 24 verses/full chapter method. Many people do this in the morning as part of their morning daily devotions. Read without commentaries. There are 700 verses in the Gita, the 24 verse/full chapter method means you will complete 1 reading in 1 lunar month.

Second, study some commentary on the meaning of the Gita, but not as part of your daily reading.

Third, pick out those verses that have the most meaning to you. Make a list.

Fourth, memorize some or all of those verses.

Fifth, if you are ambitious, memorize the entire Gita.

Even more ambitious? Learn Sanskrit and read in Sanskrit.

A daily reading will give you strength and after many readings a deeper insight into its subtle meanings.

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