How many avatars of Adi Shakti are mentioned in Skanda Purana?


Devi Incarnated as Lalitoma Vishalakshi during Chakshusha Manvantara.

4-8.In the Cākṣuṣa Manvantara, O goddess, when the excessively powerful Daityas proceeded towards the southern quarter on being slain by Viṣṇu, they fought for more than a hundred years in a great battle there with Viṣṇu. O goddess of Devas, they fought with wonderful missiles of various kinds. Knowing that they could not be killed easily, the lotus-eyed Viṣṇu remembered Bhairavī Śakti, the Mahāmāyā of great lustre. On being remembered by Viṣṇu, the all-powerful one, the great goddess came there within a moment with her eyes shining with great delight. At the sight of Viṣṇu, the eyes became large and wide (Viśāla). Hence the goddess stationed there who is the destroyer of Daityas, became (known as) Viśālākṣī. In this Kalpa, O lady of excellent countenance, she is called Lalitomā.

Devi also incarnated as Ajapalevari for cure the disease of King Ajapala.

1-4. Thereafter, O great goddess, a pilgrim should go to the excellent shrine of Ajāpāleśvarī established not very far from Agastya Sthāna to the east. The excellent king Ajāpāla born of the race of Raghu, propitiated the goddess that controls evil diseases. The king took the diseases in the form of goats and made them graze. There he installed the goddess who destroys sins. The goddess was named after him.

For killing Mahishasura's grandsons, Bala and Atibala Devi incarnates as Balātibaladaityaghni.

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