If God alone exist(advaita) then what’s wrong with following materialistic desire?


Firstly from Brahman alone this whole world comes and from that, Sat (Eternal i.e Atman ) and Asat(Non Eternal like Body, Elements in Prakriti etc) come from. But still Brahman transcends everything and is in-dweller of the body as well as the creation. Desires only in accordance with Dharma will lead to good path. Other desires keep binding man in Samsara. Even if one worships God by desire, By grace of Lord he will attain him.

  • Of the unreal there is no being; the real has no nonexistence. But the nature of both these, indeed, has been realized by the seers of Truth.(Gita 2.16)

Swami Sivananda writes "The changeless homogeneous Atman or the Self always exists. It is the only solid Reality. This phenomenal world of names and forms is ever changing. Hence it is unreal"

  • He who, dwells in all things, and yet is other than all things, whom all things do not know, whose body are all things, who controls all things from within - He is your Soul, the inner Controller, the immortal. (Brihadaranyaka Up 3.7.15)
  • Among creatures I am desire which is not contrary to righteousness, O scion of the Bharata dynasty.(Gita 7.11)
  • When all desires clinging to the heart of one fall off, then the mortal becomes immortal and here attains Brahman.(Katha Up 2.3.14)
  • By enmity or by devotional service, by fear, by affection or by lusty desire — by all of these or any one of them — if a conditioned soul somehow or other concentrates his mind upon the Lord, the result is the same, for the Lord, because of His blissful position, is never affected by enmity or friendship.(SB 7.1.26)

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