What is the proper translation of Rig Veda 10.95.15?


No the translation is absolutely fine. We need to see the context here. According to legend, Pururava and Urvashi lived together and Urvasi leaves him one day. Pururva goes back to her and asks her to come back. She refuses and then Pururva threatens her that he will die and never return, hence she speaks these words. By this, we can conclude that these verses don't have any philosophical/prescriptive but only descriptive usage as part of a Legendary Story. Also hyenas are noted in the Vedas as symbol of excellent parents. Indra is said to be carrying his brood as thousand hyenas in his mouth, like the hyena carries its cub.

Pururava says " How indignant wife, with mind (relenting), stay awhiie, let us now interchange discourse. These, our secret thoughts, while unspoken, did not yield us happiness even at the last day " (RV 10.95.1)

Urvasi says " What can we accomplish through such discourse? I have passed away from you like the first of the dawns. Return Pururava, to your dwelling; I arn as hard to catch as the wind."(RV 10.95.2)

You have been born thus to protect the earth; you have deposited this vigour in me: knowing (the future) I have instructed you (what to do) every day; you have not listened to me;why do you now address me, neglectful (of my instruction)? (RV 10.95.11)

Pururava says " When shall a son (born of you) claim me as a father, and, crying, shed a tear on recognizing (me)? What son shall sever husband and wife who are of one mind, now that the fire shines upon your husband's parents? " (RV 10.95.12)

Urvasi says " Let me reply. (Your son) will shed tears, crying out and calling aloud when the expected auspicious time arrives; I will send you that (child) which is yours in me, depart to your house, your can not, simpleton, detain me." (RV 10.95.13)

Pururava says "(Your husband) who sports with you may now depart, never to return, (depart) to proceed to a distant region. Either let him sleep upon the lap of Nirrti, or let the swift-moving wolves devour him." (RV 10.95.14)

Urvasi says " Die not, Pururava, fall not, let not the hideous wolves devour you. Female friendships do not exist, are the hearts of jackals." (RV 10.95.15)

This Legendary story is also mentioned in Satapatha Brahmana which can be refered here 1.

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