Why Maa Lakshmi says that neither Lord Brahma nor Lord Vishnu only Lord Shiva commands her to move from one place to another.?


Well I am answering my own question because I got some new proofs to validate the point of my own question.

In the above verse It is said that no one but just Lord kala controls maa Lakshmi.

It's gonna be a bit long so just read till the last.

So what and who is kaala.? Where in sanskrit kala has 3 meanings - time, death and black (space) so lord shiva is also the lord of time and space and death. So Lord Shiva as Mahakaala is the Lord of Time, Death and Space himself. They areca fragments of him.

Here is the quote from chapter six of Shiva Gita.

“prāṇaḥ kālastathā mṛtyuramṛtaṁ bhūtamapyahama | bhavyaṁ bhaviṣyatkṛtsnaṁ ca viśvaṁ sarvātmakō’pyahama |” (Shiva Gita 6:26)

“I’m the Prana (life force), I’m the time, death, and eternity. I’m the past, present and future. I’m everything indeed!”

So from above verses it is proved that lord shiva is the lord of time, death and space(eternity). (For more on Kala I have given in question only after editing way back, see that).

According to Ishwara Gita Chapter 4.:

अहं हि सर्वशक्तीनां प्रवर्त्तकनिवर्त्तकः । आधारभूतः सर्वासां निधानममृतस्य च ॥ ४.२०॥ Meaning: - know me alone to be enforcer as well as withdrawer of all the potency, besides being support of all (potencies) I am the abode of immortality in the form of nectar.

एका सर्वान्तरा शक्तिः करोति विविधं जगत् । आस्थाय ब्रह्माणो रूपं मन्मयी मदधिष्ठिता ॥ ४.२१॥ Meaning: - One of my potency, established in me and formulation of mine, situated in innerself of all beings, assumes the form of four-faced Bramha and creates various types of worlds.

अन्या च शक्तिर्विपुला संस्थापयति मे जगत् । भूत्वा नारायणोऽनन्तो जगन्नाथो जगन्मयः ॥ ४.२२॥ Meaning: - My other potency, known as Anant (Infinite), Jagganath (Lord of Universe), assumes the form of Narayana for nurturing and sustaining the worlds.

तृतीया महती शक्तिर्निहन्ति सकलं जगत् । तामसी मे समाख्याता कालाख्या रुद्ररूपिणी ॥ ४.२३॥ Meaning: - My third potency, which is formation of Rudra, by the name of Kala, is tamasi and it annihilates the entire creation

पश्याम्यशेषमेवेदं वर्त्तमानं स्वभावतः । करोति कालो भगवान् महायोगेश्वरः स्वयम् ॥ ४.२९॥ Meaning: - Restrained to my own nature, I am witness of entire world. Mahayogeshwar Bhagawaan Kala creates the entire Creation.

योगः सम्प्रोच्यते योगी मायी शास्त्रेषु सूरिभिः । योगेश्वरोऽसौ भगवान् महादेवो महान् प्रभुः ॥ ४.३०॥ Meaning: - who is refered as Yoga, Yogi and Maya by people well-versed in scriptures, is none other than Maha-Yogeshwar Lord Mahadeva.

So According to Lord Shiva himself Brahma is his Rajasik form, Narayan is his Sattvik form and Kala is his Tamasik form.

As for Lord Shiva he is Nirguna.

Lord Krishna said about Lord Siva in the Anusashana Parva :

"namo 'stu te śāśvatasarvayone; brahmādhipaṃ tvām ṛṣayo vadanti tapaś ca sattvaṃ ca rajas; tamaś ca tvām eva satyaṃ ca vadanti santaḥ"(MBH 13:15:30)

The blessed Krishna said, 'I saluted Mahadeva, saying,--Salutations to thee, O thou that art the eternal origin of all things. The Rishis say that thou art the Lord of the Vedas. The righteous say that thou art Penance, thou art Sattwa, thou art Rajas, thou art Tamas, and thou art Truth

So, Krishna has opined along with Great Sages that Lord Siva is NOT only the abode of the Tamas quality, He is the abode of the Sattwas, the Rajas and the Tamas quality.

Further Vedas says that Lord Shiva is beyond all 3 gunas and is Nirgun Brahman.:

"Maheshwara (Great Lord) who is Black and yellow rules with Avidya, Maya or Mula-Prakriti is Red(rajas)-White (sattvam)-& black(tamas) & that is co-existed with him [Shandilya Upanishad 3:01]

As for Puranas being sattvik, rajasik and tamasik totally contradicts Mahabharata and bhagwat gita itself. These are all just sectatarian nonsense and nothing else. See this site it explains everything with proofs from mahabharata and vedas.

Now, As for the finale.

Do Lord Shiva really controls maa Lakshmi or is it just time. Though I have proved the time is Lord Shiva only. Plus here both creater and ordainer are mentioned so the 3rd will only be destroyer (kala/time/death). But still people have confusions regarding this so I am giving a direct verse which is said by Lord Shiva only to prove my point and yes it's Lord Shiva only who controls Maa Lakshmi and no one else.

Ishwar Gita Chapter 6.:

योऽपि नारायणोऽनन्तो लोकानां प्रभवाव्ययः । ममैव परमा मूर्तिः करोति परिपालनम् ॥ ६.१४॥ Meaning: - The endless Narayana, origin of world(s), is my (Lord Shiva's) best form and by my blessings he sustains entire creation.

या च श्रीः सर्वभूतानां ददाति विपुलां श्रियम् । पत्नी नारायणस्यासौ वर्त्तते मदनुग्रहात् ॥ ६.३१॥ Meaning: - The goddess of wealth and dispenser of the same, who is the consort of Narayana, known as “Sri” also functions at my (Lord Shiva's) command alone.

Further, Mahabharata also says that Mahadeva is the possessor of ‘Sri’ and is identical with the deity of blazing flames viz. Agni (the cosmic Agni-Linga is the reference).

“dyaurnabhaḥ pṛthivī khaṁ ca tathā caivaiṣa bhūpatiḥ |

sarvavidyēśvaraḥ śrīmānēṣa cāpi vibhāvasuḥ ||” (MBH 13:85:93)

“He (Mahadeva) is Heaven, Firmament, Earth, and the Welkin. He is called the Lord of the Earth. He is the Lord whose sway is owned by all obstacles. He is endued with ‘Sri’ and He is identical with the deity of blazing flames”.

So, from the above verse it's fully crystal clear that it's Lord Shiva only who controls Maa Lakshmi alone. So, mahabharata is also in sync with it. So, I hope it's clear to everyone now and 2 reliable sources when compliments each other are always right. Period. .

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