What are the correct mantras while giving arghya to Surya?


In Bhavishya Purana a lot is found on Surya worship as the text considers Surya as the supreme deity. In it, we find Shri Krishna advising son Samba on how to correctly worship Surya Narayana.

As per that, the mantra to be used while pouring the Arghya is a mantra called as the Shakshatkara mantra of sun.

Quoting from the book "Essence of Bhavishya Purana":

(Bhagavan Suryanarayana is the readily available vision to the eyes in the whole Universe beyond whom could be no other Deity; the entire ‘Jagat’ has emerged and also terminated only by him.) Time measurement is facilitated only by him since the earliest Satya Yuga; he is the unique cause for the Presence of Grahas ( Planets), Nakshatras (Stars), Yogas, Karanaas, Rashis, Aditya, Vasu, Rudra, Vayu, Agni, Ashvani Kumaras, Indra, Prajapati, Dishas, Bhuh, Bhuvah, and Swah. Besides, he is the permanent ‘Saakshi’ (Evidence) of Mountains, Rivers, Samudra, Naga and all other ‘Charaachara’ or Stationary and Mobile Beings; the World wakes up with him and sleeps due to him; Vedas, Shastras and Itihasas are never tired of praising him as Paramatma, Antaratma and such other truisms; he is present every where, he is eternal and he is all-knowing; and he is the only and distinctive refuge-point to every one always. Having said this, Lord Shri Krishna advised his son Samba about the method of regular and daily worship so demolish sins and ‘Vighnas’ (obstacles). Early morning, before Sun rise, one should complete the ablutions, bathing, wearing clean clothes and offering ‘Achamana’or sipping of three spoonful water by reciting Kesavaya Swaha, Narayana Swaha, and Madhvavaya Swaha etc.and offer ‘Arghya’ (water with both the palms) to Suryanarayana by mentally reciting the ‘Sakshaatkara Mantra’ viz. OM KHAKHOL -KHAYA SWAHA; perform Tri-vidha Praanaayaama of Purak, Rechak and Kumbhak or the inhaling, holding and exhaling the four kinds airs viz. Vayavi, Agneyi , Mahendri and Vaaruni for attaining ‘baahyaantara suddhi’or external and internal purity by means of ‘Soshan’, ‘Dahan’, ‘Stambhan’ and ‘Plaavan’ of one’s body. Then, one has to integrate the ‘Sthula’or the physical and ‘Sukshma’ or the miniscule ‘Indriyas’ or limbs. Thereafter one has to perform ‘Anganyasa’ as follows:

So, as per this particular Purana, the needed mantra is " OM khakhol khaya swaha". The mantra has to be mentally recited while offering the Arghya.

Regarding, what else you have to do in the morning as a Brahmin, apart from offering Surya Arghya, you can ask a separate question on that.


The book "Nitya Karma Puja Prakash" (you need to start reading from page 79 of the book to understand the whole procedure also you need to understand Hindi language) gives another method of offering Surya Arghya that is a bit more elaborate compared to the method of Bhavishya Purana.

Here is a screenshot from the book:

enter image description here

As you can see in the image, here you have to first read 3 Viniyoga mantras before offering the Arghya.

As proofs of these statements the book cites Smritis and Devi Bhagavatam.

The 3 Viniyoga mantras to be chanted (in the given order) are as follows:

1.Omkarasya brahma rishir gayatri chandah paramatma devata arghyadane viniyogah ||

  1. Om bhurbhuvah swariti maha vyahritinam parameshthi prajapatir rishih gayatri ushnik anushtup chandamsi agni vayu surya devatah arghyadane viniyogah ||

3.Om tat saviturityasya viswamitra rishir gayatri chandah savita devatah surya arghyadane viniyogah ||

After that, you have to offer the Arghya by chanting the Gayatri mantra "Om Bhur bhuvah swah tatsavitur-varenyam vargo devasya dhimahi, dhiyo yo nah prachodayath || and then finally saying the mantra "Brahmaswarupine surya-narayanaya namaha".

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