Why do we need a guru? Can Lord be our Guru?


Yes, you can assume anything or anyone as your Guru and how much faith and devotion you have to that anything or anyone will make all the difference.

Guru is for helping you and guiding you but ultimately it's you whose efforts will matter the most. Nature constantly pushes you and presents before you situations which are basically aimed at moving you in the right direction but not everybody will recognizes that, one who is really wise will only understand.

That's why it's said that pain is the hand of nature sculpting man to greatness.

You can even walk the spiritual path all alone but if you have a Guru your journey becomes easier. If you believe in past life and if actions in your past life were oriented towards spirituality then in this life you will automatically go on the same path, it's the karma which will drive you.

And of course if you have the unshakable faith in Supreme being, you will automatically attain moksha, but it requires tremendous faith, like a crazy person.

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