Before coming to the example, one needs to understand the two types of karma in play here - Prarabdha and Kriyamana. But I will also include Sanchita karma for good order sake.

  • Sanchita Karma

It is all your accumulated karma of past lives.

  • Prarabdha karma

It is that portion of Sanchita karma that will fructify in this life. One cannot escape it.

  • Kriyamana karma

It is the karma that is being made for the future i.e. fruits of which we will experience in this lifetime or next lifetime. If next lifetime then it gets stored into Sanchita karma

In mathematical terms

SanchitaL = SanchitaL-1PrarabdhaL + KriyamanaL


SanchitaL and SanchitaL-1 are accumulated karma at the end of life L and L-1 respectively

PrarabdhaL is that portion of SanchitaL-1 experienced in life L

KriyamanaL are the net new actions in life L over which you have control

So coming to example , the house owner losing wealth is because of his Prarabdha karma. If the thief didn't steal it , he would have lost it via another theft , poor investment decision etc.

The thief committing the robbery has incurred bad Kriyamana karma. So if he didn't receive punishment in this life then he would get it in one of his future lives because the Kriyamana karma will get stored into Sanchita karma. In one of his next rebirths he would suffer losses accordingly.

The judge is carrying out his prescribed duty. If he didn't carry out his duty i. e. punish the robber , then he would incur bad Kriyamana karma .

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