Can a devotee do love marriage?


Love is eternal. Love is God himself.

Will god agree for love marriage of his devotee, if the devotee is at strong will and fix in his mind about the marriage?

Yes. Your Lord is your Guru, he will bless you with powers and purity to fulfill your duties.

Will the god do some maya (like spoiling the relationship between he and his lover) and make sure that his devotee doesn't marry at all (because he doesn't want his devotee to get into the material desires).

Your Guru is "Antaryami" and "Trikal Gyani" he knows what really you mean by Marriage. If you are going to marry for just sexual desires and if you will in future going to be bad than your Guru will never let you ruin your lover's life. Because she is also God's child. And for God all are same. You and she both are God's children. God will never let you ruin her life. And vice versa if she is having bad intentions like , she just needs your money. God will also not allow her to ruin your life.


Marriage is considered as sacred thread in Hinduism. Marriage itself is sacred. Hinduism is the religion that teaches what actually marriage means. Marriage is not in the hand of devotee, it is in the hand of GOD only.

Janam(Birth), Maran(Death) and Paran(Mairrage) are not desired by you, they are predefined for you by GOD only.

In hindu marriage, all gods becomes witness for two souls. Because Marriage is eternal love between two souls. This love has happened before and will last even after their death. No God agrees to be witness if this two people hates each other. This is not Marriage if they are done for some materialistic gains like money or something. In Hindu wedding ceremony wife is considered as "Lakshami" and Husband is considered as "Narayana". Do you think they are eternal lovers? That is why GODs witness. GODs witness for your love only that you have made in past lives.

That is why it is called in Hinduism that husband and wife are bound by thread of marriage for 7 lives not 1 life.

If you can not see Lord in your lover or wife than you are not even true devotee.

Samoham Sarvabhuteshu....

in SBG means I am equally disposed in all living beings by Lord Krishna.

Even every Lord married. Look everything depends on you. God will take your exam to check whether you are ready to take responsibility of your wife and children or not. If you are not ready do not marry. But at least do not blame GOD for your separation or divorce with your lover.

In Hinduism, every pair is said to be prepared by GOD only. If you will marry it will be for your good future, If you will divorce, it will also be good for you. Sometimes separation also increases "Love" .

Love is eternal, In Hinduism Marriage is symbol for true , pure love only. Love is everything. But make sure your love leads you to freedom instead of bondage. That is called purity of Love. Lack of love is greatest poverty.

Bliss of GOD is also a "Constant unchanged love".

In Hinduism marraige is based on the "Len den"(Give - Gain) of two souls Karmas. Husband is called "Pati Parameshwara" because Lord Shiva when married Sati, the relation between human and God was defined by marriage only. marriage is not show off it is promise of a man to keep her bride safe and respacted as always. That is why Lord Krishna married 16K wife to make them respected in society. All these 16 K women were boycotted by society due to Narkasura's kidnapping.

Marriage is like UN-conditional duties that one decides to perform.

Lord will give you power to fulfill them, but decision is yours.

God never do bad to anybody's life. It was always we and our Karmas for which we suffer.

You can not decide your children will be devotee or demon, future is not in your hand.

Your activities should neither be biased for fruits.

Karmnye vadhikaraste , Ma faleshu kadachana.

You can not wish for more until you fulfill what you have. If you are firm in your Brahmacharya you should never think for Gruhastha. You must have control on yourself. Every GOD in hinduism has weapon in hand. But they have "Ankusha"(Full control) over themselves. You also have to be firm and have full control of your thoughts.

If you have love and marriage ideas, then you can not go for Brahmacharya, in such case you must marry. I insist you to marry. Because in Vedas, Marriage is also considered as a part of life and Man's duty towards society.

Lord Krishna said I am the Kaama in the heart of the gentleman to rule the world-cycle. Means In Hinduism Kaam Sex is also considered as deity.

In SBG Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta...

A man reaches perfection by following his heart only..

Marriage is a "Shubha" auspicious work. GOD always protects auspicious relations. Lord Ganesha is worshiped for every Shubha Karya. :)

Only for the sake of Lord Rama and Mother Sita's Marriage (Eternal Love), Lord Hanumanji fired the whole Lanka. GOD will protect you if you love and love without any wishes and conditions.

A True devotee always understands what his Lord wants him to understand. And his heart will lead him towards God's will only. Just surrender unto your Guru and accept his will.

There is nothing like "Love Marriage" .. "Marriage itself is eternal Love." Even though your lover is not physically with you she is your soul if she makes you perfect.

That is why Radha is worshiped with Krishna.

Radhey Shyam.....

Love means sacrifice. Love is a wish of heart for someone's happiness. Love does not mean to be perfect by having your lover physically with you by opposing everything. Love never needs marriage , but yes marriage needs love every moment.

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