Why do we worship Lord Hanuman on these weekdays?


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Partial Answer

  1. Kastabhanjan Hanuman Mandir (,_Salangpur) is an old temple at Salangpur. According to this video: when Hanumanji saved His devotees from the horrible effects of Sanidev who took the form of a woman to save himself from the anger of Bala-brahmachari Hanumanji. Hanumanji's idol worshipped there shows Sanidev as a female at His feet.An image is enclosed.

So Hanumanji saves His Devotees from Sanidev's rage seems an ancient idea.

  1. Tulsidasji, a great preacher of Sri Hanuman Worship, describes Him as 'Mangala-Murati' in the Hanuman-Chalisa. This could be the basis of His being worshipped on Tuesdays(Mangala-vara).

According to the Kurma-Puran though, the day for Hanumanji's worship is Arka-vara ie Sunday. (Reference: Hanumat-Kavacham,Purohit-Darpan).

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