Which form of God is referred to as ‘Hari’?


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The form of God referred to as 'Hari' is Sri Vishnu, Sri Krishna or His different incarnations.

Lord Shiva is also referred to as 'Hari' in the Shiva-Shasranama, but our scriptures do not use the word 'Hari' to imply Lord Shiva. Otherwise, we would not have a separate dhyana-sloka for 'Hari-Hara'. An image of Hari-Hara is enclosed. The dhyana-sloka of Hari-Hara is

shulam chakram pAnchajanyam abi_iti dadhatam karaih/sva-sva-bhushat sva-lilArdha-deham hariharam bhaje//

In the svarupa, both are the same and some names commonly known as of Lord Shiva like 'Swayambhu', 'Sambhu' etc are included in the Vishnu-sahasranama also.

But all our scriptures unianimously mean Lord Vishnu or Lord Krushna by Hari.

So there is no room of confusion here.

Srimad-Bhagavatam however repeatedly speaks of both the aspects of Sri Hari ---with form and without form. For example, Sri Hari Himself describes His formless svarupa as

The Supreme Brahman, who is extremely subtle, being of the nature of pure Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, unlimited and impossible to be conceived with an impure heart (10.88.10).

So yes, 'Hari' means the formless Brahman also.

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