Following Your Passion/ Dreams against Hinduism?


It depends on what my passions/dreams are.

The Sanatana Dharma speaks of four 'Purushartha'-s as the four types of fulfillment of life. They are : Dharma (Rightousness),Artha(Wealth), Kama (Desires) and Moksha (Liberation). For most people, the first three constitute the goals and hence the term 'Trivarga' is also used.

If Artha and Kama that we have passion for or dream of does not contradict Dharma, they are never condemned,In fact they are encouraged. All are not to lead a purely Spiritual Life. One can worship God for the fulfillment of the desires also, who is termed as 'Artharthi' in the Gita.

Please see the following verse of the Gita:

7.16 O Arjuna, foremost of the Bharata dynasty, four classes of people of virtuous deeds adore Me: the afflicted, the seeker of Knowledge, the seeker of wealth and the man of Knowledge.

A seeker of Wealth is 'Virtuouss' according to Sri Krishna, if he/she adores God even for acquiring wealth.

The following sloka of the Gita is also relevant here:

10.36 Of the fraudulent I am the gambling; I am the irresistible and of the mighty. I am excellene, I am effort, I am the sattva quality of those possessed of sattva.

So efforts and excellences are also expressions of the Lord. Also, He says in the Gita (7.11)

Among creatures I am desire which is not contrary to righteousness, O scion of the Bharata dyansty.

We get all the above from the lips of the Lord Himself.

To conclude:

Just our passions or dreams must not be against 'Dharma' ---that's all.

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