What is the position of Lord Shiva as per Srimad-Bhagavatam


Yes, Lord Shiva is a form of the Para-Brahman or the Supreme Godhead as per Srimad-Bhagavatam. This becomes clear from the 12th chapter of the 11th Canto, where Markandeya gets darshan of Shiva and Parvati:

Once travelling in tge sky with Rudrani and the ganas on His bull, Bhagavan Shiva saw Markandeya practising austerity (Sloka 3).

Sri Bhagavan [Shiva] said: Markandeya has attained supreme devotion to Bhagavan, Who is Changeless, and so this Brahmarshi does not want any other boon. (sloka 6)

Saying this, Sri Bhagavan [Shiva] who is the destination of all honest ones and Ishwara of every Vidya and of everybody entered into Markeendyea's hriday-aakaasha with the help of yogamaya (sloka 8-9).

So its clear that Lord Shiva has been demonstrated as Sri Bhagavan Who uses His Yogamaya.

Bhagavan can never be two.This is also clear from the same Canto:

Bhagavan is He Who has All the six qualities (Bhaga etc) as the leelakamala of His hand, and Dharma as his fan (chamara) and yasha as its breeze(chapter 11,sloka 18).

The definition of 'Vaishnava' is also provided beautifully in the same canto:

That parama pada is Vaishnava, which has to be obtained by the yogis by 'neti neti'vichara in one's own cave in the heart (chapter 6, sloka 32).

So its clear that Srimad-Bhagavatam accepts Lord Shiva as one form of the Supreme Godhead and also accepts the (neti neti) vichara-marga as one way of attaining Him.

So besides projecting Sri Bhagavan as Sri Vishnu (and Sri Krishna) and glorifying the path of bhakti or devotion in the most beautiful way, this great scripture accepts Shiva as just another form of Supreme God and also accepts jnanamarga wholeheartedly.

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