Does marriage really depend on Kundali and Gunas?


Kundali and Gunas are just a part of the mathematics which is given a name "Astrology". As per the person's birth time and birth place, the effect gravitational forces of planets and stars on those two persons forms their matching Lagana kundali.

Now this mathematics of astrology is "Probability" based outcome. Astrology gives you % of probability based on the gravitational and time effects based on kundali gunas.

This is just probability. One may or may not believe in it. But we can never take decisions blindly based on probabilities.

Yes for safety , we can take precautions and can consider this probabilities earlier, but One can strongly change result by doing Karma.

Marriage never depends on Gunas and Kundalies, this is blind to believe. Marriage depends on two person's love. No hindu scriptures has written that one should always marry by checking kundali only. Even if it is written it is not a neutral note.

One who is unknown to this kundali stuff , like some christian person or some other religion person, if he marry without kundali, so is it 100% that he will end up in brake up?

No, never. We should consider or treat kundali probabilities as notices or precautions but it is foolishness to blindly believe in kundalis.

Just take an example of Siknadar, who made a new line in his hand and won the world.

Ravan who caged all planets, he was also destroyed. So in his kundali was it written that he will do such stuff? Astrology is just probability, it never gives accurate answer.

Shir Ram and Mata Sita have a match of all 36 Gunas but their marriage is not success, They have to go to vanvas and after returning from Vanvas Mata Sita leave Shri Ram due to some of reason. Courtesyurfusion

Any man can change is fate. Only "Purushartha" is the only way to completely destroy risks and win against any situations. Have trust in yourself and your inner values instead of having trust in astrology. You will crack astrology also.

"Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma faleshu kadachana", kundali make you bias before doing karma even.

If one who is with strong will and dedicated love can bring peaceful marriage life to her partner and can win against all gravitational forces of Planets. "Himmat e Marda to Madad e khuda", There is courage and there is fear, courage is the only thing that helps a person to win. I am sorry if my intention is wrong.

Sometimes brain and heart's decisions are different. Now whom to follow is difficult for someone. In Gita Lord said

Indriyas are batter than outside world, Mind is better than Indriyas but inside all creatures, "Saul" resides inner or deeper than these two which is considered best than all these.

Similarly forces of individuals(plus and minus) will affect each other after marriage. This forces can be calculated using planetary situations and astrologies.

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