Repetition of Time and Yugas in Hinduism


The four yugas you listed, join to be called as Mahayuga or Chaturyuga. Every cycle(Mahayuga) has different happenings all together, its not clear whether each cycle(Mahayuga) will have same incidents. There are some marked incidents which have to happen, like the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, they are sure to happen in every yuga and in the same form, the difference will be circumstances.

For example, Lord Raam will come in every Tretayuga, the Ramayana which we read is of this Mahayuga, but we don't know what had happened in previous Mahayuga.

Kakabhushundi, gave a reference by telling he saw Lord Rama 11 times on earth and every time different things happened.

Yoga Vashishtha, the text which states conversations between Vashistha, a rig vedic teacher, and various Gods and Kakbhushubdi, a creature which stands outside of normal time and sees all. It recounts the cyclical nature of time, where Kakabhushundi has seen Ramayan 11 times with different outcomes and seen Mahabharat 16 times with different results, but, after seeing Daksha Yagya twice, he did not either care to see it again or saw no point to seeing any more, as it ended the same way each time.

If we keep away linearity and think about Heisenberg's uncertainity principle we get

Further conversations talk about the atoms or anu at quantam level and inside each quantam level are different universes. A sorrowful queen is shown that her husband is still alive in one of the quantam or atomic universes and ruling wisely and is given the option to join him there. The idea of Heisenberg's Principle is enunciated when a rishi visits and illustrates a decision tree by showing how several parallel universes, with all possible results of a decision, could occur and uses that illustration to explain why he took the decision he did in this universe.

So after Kaliyug there will be definite Satyug to come.

Concept of Time. According to hinduism, Time is like a helix, it moves circularly and in one direction, that means major incidents have to happen, like incarnation of Vishnu (not of Shiva, Shiva incarnation depend on cirumstances), but otherwise nothing will repeat.

Helix Showing Semi-Repeated nature of Time

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