What food is suggested for Yogi?


Hatha Yoga Pradipika (1.61 to 1.70) gives the list of foods that are fit for the Yogi as well as those foods which a Yogi must avoid.

Recommended foods are rice, wheat, milk etc.

Varjayeddurjanaprāntam vahnistrīpathisevanam
Prātahsnānopavāsādi kāyakleśavidhim tathā ||

Wheat, rice, barley, shâstik (a kind of rice), good corns, milk, ghee, sugar, butter, sugarcandy, honey, dried ginger, Parwal (a vegetable) the five vegetables, moong, pure water; these are very beneficial to those who practise Yoga.

Kshīrājyakhandanavanītasi hāmadhūni
Mudghādidivyamudakam cha yamīndrapathyam ||

A Yogî should eat tonics (things giving strength), well sweetened, greasy (made with ghee), milk, butter, etc., which may increase humors of the body, according to his desire

Now, the list of food which a Yogi must avoid while practising Yoga. This list includes foods like meat, liqour, sour, bitter foods etc.


Bitter, sour, saltish, hot, green vegetables, fermented, oily, mixed with til seed, rape seed, intoxicating liquors, fish, meat, curds, chhaasa pulses, plums, oilcake, asafœtida (hînga), garlic, onion, etc., should not be eaten.

A Yogi must also always eat food which is first offered to Lord Shiva.

Bhujyate śivasamprītyai mitāhārah sa uchyate||

Abstemious feeding is that in which ¾ of hunger is satisfied with food, well cooked with ghee and sweets, and eaten with the offering of it to Śiva.

So, these are some rules about eating to be followed by a Yogi from Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

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