Can anyone control Krishna?


Such Shlokas can be found in scriptures. For example, Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (Bhāgavata Purāṇa) 9.4 has such shlokas (not explicitly for Radha but for all devotees in general):


अहं भक्तपराधीनो ह्यस्वतन्त्र इव द्विज

साधुभिर्ग्रस्तहृदयो भक्तैर्भक्तजनप्रियः ||०९०४०६३||

The Supreme Personality of Godhead (Lord Nārāyaṇa) said to the brāhmaṇa (Durvāsā Muni): I am completely under the control of My devotees. Indeed, I am not at all independent. Because My devotees are completely devoid of material desires, I sit only within the cores of their hearts. What to speak of My devotee, even those who are devotees of My devotee are very dear to Me.

मयि निर्बद्धहृदयाः साधवः समदर्शनाः

वशे कुर्वन्ति मां भक्त्या सत्स्त्रियः सत्पतिं यथा ||०९०४०६६||

As chaste women bring their gentle husbands under control by service, the pure devotees, who are equal to everyone and completely attached to Me in the core of the heart, bring Me under their full control.

To understand such shlokas in more details, you can read commentaries on them. When you open these shloka link from here, commentaries can be found or you can read commentaries from some other sources.

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