How shall a foreigner develop their practice of Sanātana Dharma?


A foreigner inclined to the path of knowledge after getting acquainted with Bhagwat Geeta may step into following three aspects to further acceletare his/her illumination.

  1. Theoretical - Read Advaita philosophies like Kashmiri Shaivism or Advait Vedanta. If one is more inclined to Shiva-Shakti then better to inclined to Kashmiri Shaivism.
  2. Practical - Once one starts Advaita philosophies (primarily Kashmiri Shaivism) one can use the knowledge derived from the theories to raise one's consciousness. There are three types of classes of spiritual practices under which any spiritual practice falls named as Shambhvopaye, Shaktopaye & Anovopaye. For wide range of the practices which fall under these classes you can refer Vijnanabhairava Tantra.
  3. Devotional - Devotion is a result of grace. One would have real devotion only according to the intensity of grace. But initial pushes are needed for devotion, based on one's devotion one is gifted with more devotion - it works like that. To develop devotion, one can start reading stories, Suktas, Bhajans or so forth of your favorite god/godess.

But there is one more way which is the path of surrender. In surrender one accepts one's incapability of Moksha (in general of anything) and surrender one's life, decisions, desires etc unto God, In surrender one doesn't impose one's will unto one's favorite god/godess not even will of Moksha. One totally surrender intellectually, spiritually, emotionally or physcially unto one's favorite God.

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