What are hymns chanted for abhishekam?


First of all there is a Panchayatan (formation for offering puja), in this we perform Abhishek to the Aaradhya (main) god for which we are offering puja.

There are following possibilities for Aradhya and other god's

  1. Any Male God(Except Shiva) we use Purusha Sukta

  2. Lord Narayana(Vishnu) and all his 24 avatar's we use Vishnu Sukta (notice we can also use Purusha Sukta instead) each 11 times for Abhishek.

  3. Lord Shiva we use Rudram also known Rudradhya. The Rudradyaya can be done 11 times it makes one Laghu Rudra

    • 11 Rudra Path = 1 Laghu Rudra
    • 11 Laghu Rudra = 1 MahaRudra
    • 11 MahaRudra= 1 Ati Rudra
  4. All Devi's (female Godess) we use, Shri Sukta, also Lakshmi Sukta can be used for special pujas like Deepawali Pujan.

  5. While doing Navgraha Puja and Performing Abhishekam we use Saura Sukta for Sun God.

  6. For Ganpati or Ganesha people perform Abhishek by reciting Ganpati Atharvasirsha which is widely considered as an interpolation.

(A general Note : All These Suktas' are Derived from Vedas' and has to be sung like the vedic hymns , with full knowledge of how vedic hynms or mantras are chanted)

This has more details on Panchayatan.

In Vaishnava temples, First Vishvaksenar is Worshipped for removing obstacles, then Shriman Narayana is worshipped with abhishekam by Purusha suktam, Sri Suktam(since Sri devi or Thayar resides in his heart).

Devi Laxmi is then attended with Sri Suktam and other preferred stotras.

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