Whom & how to worship to develop fearless or fierce instincts?


One can recite the so called Abhaya Mantras from the Vedas. The name of the Mantras itself suggests that those are to give freedom from fear.

abhayam nah karati antariksham
abhayam dyAvAprithivi ubhe ime
abhayam pashchAdbhayam purastAt uttarAt adharAdabhayam no astu ||

May the mid-region free us from all fear, both heaven and earth make us fearless; Let there be no fear from behind, no fear from in front, no fear from the north or the south. AV 19.15.5

abhayam mitrAdabhayam amitrAt,
abhayam gyAtAdbhayam parokshAt
abhayam naktamabhayam divA
nah sarvA AshA mama mitram bhavantu ||

Let there be no fear from friend, no fear from foe, no fear from the known, no fear from what lies before us unknown; Let there be no fear for us from night, no fear from day; Let all the quarters be our friends. AV 19.15.6

(AV here stands for Atharva Veda).

As regards Stotrams, then reciting those dedicated to Goddess DurgA will make one completely fearless.

For example the DurgA Sapta Shloki explicitly mentions that:

दुर्गे स्मृता हरसि भीतिमशेषजन्तोः
स्वस्थैः स्मृता मतिमतीव शुभां ददासि ।
दारिद्रयदुःखभयहारिणि का त्वदन्या
सर्वोपकारकरणाय सदार्द्र चित्ता ॥२॥

Durge Smrtaa Harasi Bhiitim-Ashessa-Jantoh
Svasthaih Smrtaa Matim-Atiiva Shubhaam Dadaasi |
Daaridraya-Duhkha-Bhaya-Haarinni Kaa Tvad-Anyaa
Sarvo[a-U]pakaara-Karannaaya Sadaa-[Aa]rdra Cittaa ||2||

2.1: (Salutations to You, O Jagadamba) O Devi Durga, whoever Remembers You with Devotion, You Remove the very Root of their Fear. 2.2: Whoever Meditates on You as being present within their own Hearts, with Extreme Devotion, You Bestow (i.e. Reveal to them) Your Auspicious Nature (which is beyond description), 2.3: O Mother, Apart from You, Who Else can Destroy Poverty, Sorrow and Fear from our Lives? (which appears to be a never-ending cycle), 2.4: Your Heart is Always Full of Compassion to Render All sorts of Help to Your Devotees.

And, besides this Stotra, i know many other Stotras of Goddess DurgA too, which mention in their Phalasrutis, a complete eradication of fear for those who recite those. These Stotras are from the Tantras like KubjikA Tantram etc. But i can't find these Stotras anywhere online.


For Shiva Stotras, one can recite the Shiva Raksha Stotram composed by Yajnavalkya Rishi. The Phalasruti of this Stotra mentions:

Abhayam kara namedham kavacham Parvathi pathe,
Bhakthya bibarthee ya kande, thasya vasyam jagat thrayam,
Imam Narayana swapne Shiva Raksham yadha disath,
Prathar uthaya yogeendro, Yagna valya sthadha likath. 10

This armour of the names of the consort of Parvathi, Would remove fears and provide protection, To the devotees who sing these often, And the lord of the three worlds would be within his hold, For this protection of Lord Shiva was revealed, By Lord Vishnu in the dream to Yagna Valkya, Who wrote it, as he was told, as soon as he woke up in the morning.

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