Are there any strong evidence that Hinduism religion is an ancient one?


Through out the world, every where, whenever researchers,archaeologists find shiva lingam from earth, they reach to the decision that hindu people may lived here before some time.

Shiva lingam is found from Omsk city Russia, Africa, Afghanistan, Ireland, Greece, Mongolia, Siberia, Vatican Rome, Vietnam,Itly, Petra Jordan, Sri lanka, India,Nepal,Mexico,Cambodia etc. <- Search on internet about their photos taken from archeologists.

The statues of Shiva Lingams were found in the archeological findings in Babylon, a city of ancient Mesopotamia

There is a Ancient Shiva temple in Tashkant, Uzbekistan. Ancient Vishnu Statue was found in Russia. Shiv Lings are excavated in Italy. There is a Hindu Temple in Baku, Azerbaijan. Is God Shiva not the Principle Deity all over SE Asia till Phillipines.

Most of the shiva lingas found are minimum 1000-5000 and some >5000 years old according to archaeologists.

Shiva in Islam

Islam also considers shiva as god, in mecca there is a shiva lingam whom they call Noor-e-ilahi, noor means light, we call the same jyoti, and ilahi means god, Jyotirlingam or noor -e ilahi.

Shiva in christianity

In church you will find candles, christ said God is light, the shape of candle's fire is the same shape of shivalingam, we call it jyotirlingam, jyoti means shape of fire.

Shiva in Sikhism

In sikh, guru said, Shiva is maha guru. Guru nanak said

Sat Shri Akal Ek Omakar

Ancient Shiva Temples

Do you know that Tang Dynastry in South Eastern China worshipped God Shiva. Japan too worships Ganesha,Shiva, Yama and Saraswati.

Search on internet, you will find many evidence from archeologiests.

America and Australia were not discovered, so they both left.

Also Note: Vedic Deities are present in many other religions, just names changed.

For Example:

  • YamaDev or Yamraj in hinduism and budhhist
  • Yima in Zoroastrianism
  • Yan in chinese
  • Yanluowang in japanese
  • Shinje in Tibetian
  • Ymir in Proto-Germanic
  • Hades in greek mythology
  • Yima Xšaēta in Iranian mythology
  • Orisis in Egyptian

Similarly Lord Ganesha has different names

Language - Name

  • Tamil -Pillaiyar
  • Barmi - MahaPiyennai
  • Bhot - Sogdadag
  • Mongolia- TvotKharun
  • Khagan - TvotKharun
  • Cambodia - Prahkenij
  • Chinese - Kuanshi Tien
  • Japanese - Kangi Nen

Country - Name and Avatar of Lord Ganesha

  1. Nepal - Sun Ganapati
  2. Myanmar - Maharshini
  3. Mongoliya - Gajamukh Dhyotkar
  4. Tibet - Sokprak
  5. Cambodia - Prashganesh, Prahkans
  6. Japan - Veenayakasha
  7. Javadheep - Kalantak
  8. Vietnam - Ganesha on Tortoise
  9. Bosnia - Ganesha with 4 arms and long hairs
  10. Iran(In Iorisban Area) - Ganesha with sword(This statue is in museum in Paris)
  11. Afghanistan - One statue with allidharoon- avatar
  12. Mexico - Gajamukha Human avatar
  13. Mexico - (In Kodhan) Lord Varuna
  14. Greece - Lord Janus with two faces - one look to future and another look to past

Also In one research of ISR, they did using Planetorium software, they found that Lord Rama's date of birth is 10th January 5114BC.

Also See Scientific Dating of Ramayana era

Ancient Idol of Lord Vishnu found during excavation in an old village in Russia’s Volga Region,

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