Does a soul have any gender?


No, the self doesn't have gender, it's just a body which has gender.

According to Shwetashwatara Upanishad:

नैव स्त्री न पुमानेष न चैवायं नपुंसकः ।
यद्यच्छरीरमादत्ते तेने तेने स युज्यते ॥ १०॥

V-10: He is neither female, nor male, nor neuter. Whatever body he assumes, he becomes identified with that.

Another translation from Vidyaprakash:

The Jiva is not female, nor male nor neuter. Whatever body it assumes, it becomes filled with that body.

It's also recommended to forget such things in the path of Yoga by Swami Vivekananda on his work Rajayoga:

A man who wants to be a perfect Yogi must give up the sex idea. The soul has no sex; why should it degrade itself with sex ideas? Later on we shall understand better why these ideas must be given up.

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