What is the meaning/definition of the word Shudra?


In ChAndogyo Upanishad 4.2.3 the Shudra word is found.

The translator of my book (SwAmi GambhirAnanda) says that according to ShankarAcharya and according to Brahma Sutra 1.3.34-35, here the word's Yogic meaning is implied.

And, for that meaning, the etymology is the following:

Shudra --- "ShuchA dravati" (one who melts in grief/sorrow is a Shudra).

But, this is just one of the many etymologies for Shudra. There has to be more of those which are more appropriate in describing the caste called Shudra.

See from here, one meaning for ShuchA is grief. And, from here see the various meanings of Drava from which Dravati is derived.

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