What is name of tiger in vedic-age? Is he present in rig-veda?


In the Atharva Veda (denoted by AV here), at least, the tiger is mentioned. It's mentioned as VyAghra. And, the lion as Simha. The following Mantra makes mention of both the tiger and the lion.

Ye ta AranyAh pashavo mrigA vane hitAh,
SimhA vyAghrAh purushAd charanti,
Ulam vrikam prithivi ducchunAmita rakshikam raksho,
Apa vAdhayAsmat ||

The animals of the forest, and wild beasts of the woods, lions, tigers, man-eaters that prowl about, the hyena, the wolf, the bear with its evil ways (ducchunAm), and demons (rakshah), drive these out, from here, away from us, O Earth.

AV 12.1.49

This Mantra is asking Mother Earth to protect us from these wild and harmful creatures.



(As mentioned in the comments) I have performed a quick search through Rig Veda (translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith). Apparently "tiger" is not mentioned in it. In YajurVeda (YV) some references are there. But, i am not sure what exact word (or words) are translated as tiger by the translator. So, can't help in this regard.

(Thou art) the calf of eighteen months in strength, the Tristubh metre; the two−year−old in strength, the Viraj metre; the two−and−a−half year−old in strength, the Gayatri metre; the three−year−old in strength, the Usnih metre; the four−year−old in strength, the Anustubh metre; the draught ox in strength, the Brhati metre; the bull in strength, the Satobrhati metre; the bullock in strength, the Kakubh metre; the milch cow in strength, the Jagati metre; the beast of burden in strength, the Pankti metre; the goat in strength, the spacious metre; the ram in strength, the slow metre; the tiger in strength, the unassailable metre; the lion in strength, the covering metre; the support in strength, the overlord metre; the lordly power in strength, the delight−giving metre; the all−creating in strength, the supreme lord metro; the head in strength, the Prajapati metre.

YV Book 4, Part 3.

The bow of thine, O Rudra, above, may the wind blow after it for thee, to thee, O Rudra, with the year I pay homage. Agni is Rudra; just as a tiger stands in anger, so he also (stands); when piled with these he reverences him; verily with homage he soothes him. b5p5

To Indra, the king, a boar; to Varuna, the king, a black (antelope); to Yama, the king, a deer; to the bull, the king, a Gayal; to the tiger, the king, a Bos Gavaeus [sic]; to the king of men a monkey; for the swift falcon a quail; for the Nilangu (snake) a worm; for Soma, the king, a gazelle; for the ocean a crocodile; for the snowy mountain an elephant.

The eagle for Parjanya; the swan, the wolf, the cat, these are for Indra; the otter for the waters; the jackal is (to be offered) to Aryaman; the lion, the ichneumon, the tiger, these are (to be offered) to great Indra; the rhinoceros to desire.

From different parts of YV Book5, Part5.


In the following Mantra from Krishna Yajur Veda 5.5.7 a tiger is mentioned as Pitva. This is interesting and new for me.

Here is the full Mantra:

Prishato vaishadevoh pitvo nyanku kashastehanumatyA anyavApohardhamAsAnAm mAsAm kashyapah kriyih kutarurdAtauhaste sinivAlya brihaspataye shitputah ||

A multi colored deer, which is having white spots on it's body, is ought to be brought for Vaishadeva. For the RAtri Deity called Anumati, a tiger (pitva), a Nyanku (a kind of deer), a Riksha (another kind of deer/Mriga) are ought to be bought ...... and for Brihaspati one ought to bring a Shitput (a kind of animal which is similar to dog).

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