Are there any temples exclusively for women?


There are certainly a lot of women-only temples. Two of the famous ones, which I can recall are:

Kamrupa Temple in Guwahati

The Kamrupa Temple is a Shakti Peeth, where the yoni of Sati fell. During the menstrual cycle of the presiding deity, Kamakhya, only the female priests are present, and only women are allowed to visit the temple.

Attukal Temple in Trivandrum

During the famous 10 day Attukal Pongala festival, women gather and prepare Pongal. During this time, men are forbidden from visiting the temple. Some 1.5 million women visited it, which became a world record.

Aside: The Chakkulathukavu Temple at Kottayam, celebrates an annual festival of Nari Pooja, during which men are not allowed. However the male priests remain, and they wash the feet of the women.

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