Who gave boon to Vikramaditya to live for 2000 years and why?


Lord Indra offered with a throne to King Vikramaditya for solving a curious quest of greatest dancer among Aspsaras (Rambha, Urvasi, Menaka and Tilottama).

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Indra was pleased. He had found someone who could be sent to Kaushika. He turned to Vikramditya, 'King! You may not know it, but you have done a great service for me! In appreciation of this I will give you a throne...The throne was given to me by Lord Shiva himself! It is no ordinary throne. Only the greatest of the kings can sit on it. Any king who sits on the throne would rule for a thousand years. You have proved to me that you are more than deserving to sit on the throne! I will give the throne to you.'

The throne has 32 puppets with 32 steps. It is said that the puppets were cursed Apsaras.

So, the throne made King Vikramaditya to rule for 1000 years. To accompany his Brother Vikramaditya for 1000 years, Bhatti (a very clever minister) does worship to Goddess Kali to get boon for 2000 years instead of 1000 years. Goddess Kali instructs Bhatti to bring head of his brother Vikramaditya to get the boon. As instructed, Bhatti went to Vikramaditya's room and woke him up (as killing(unnecessary violence) is sin/Adharma) and then he states the offer presented by Goddess Kali to him. Vikramaditya without hesitation said to take his head. So, Bhatti did so, he cuts off his head and presented to Goddess Kali in the temple. Happy to see that, Goddess Kali gave him the boon to live for 2000 years. But Bhatti grinned saying:

My brother was booned to rule for 1000 years on the throne by lord Indra which was clearly became false by his dead then how can I trust your boon now?

Understanding the cleverness of Bhatti, Goddess Kali granted Bhatti the boon to live for 2000 years and made Vikramaditya alive. She told him to rule for 6 months every year and other 6 months go for tour (Bhatti explains the trick of why he asked for 2000 years instead of 1000 years to Goddess kali) need citation. So that both the brothers can live for 2000 years. While Vikramaditya was away from the throne, Bhatti used to rule the Kingdom.

There are many stories or adventures related to Vikramaditya which were mostly happened when He was away from the throne for 6 months.

Having said the above, both Vikramaditya as well as Bhatti were great devotees of Goddess Kali. It is said that Vikramaditya used to talk with Goddess Kali frequently in a temple of Ujjain.

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