Is Jesus an avatar of Lord Vishnu?


According to Bhavishya Purana, Jesus is reincarnation of one of the greatest Bhaktas of lord Vishnu known as Dhruva Rishi. That's why he was born out of kumari garbha (virgin's womb) under Pole star (Dhruva Tara in Hindi). Bhavishya purana addresses Jesus reincarnation of Dhruva Rishi as Kumarigarbhasambhavaam(born from a virgin Kumari).

Bhavishya purana describing about Jesus Christ.

Here is some of the excerpt from above source:

Dr. Vedavyas, a research scholar with a doctorate in Sanskrit, discusses some important prophecies from the Bhavishya Purana, which he says dates back to 3000 B.C. He states that one prophecy describes the future appearance of Isha putra, the son (putra) of God (Isha)(Jesus Christ), born of an unmarried woman named Kumari (Mary) Garbha Sambhava. He would visit India at the age of thirteen and go to the Himalayan Mountains and do tapas or penance to acquire spiritual maturity under the guidance of rishis and siddha-yogis before going back to Palestine to preach to his people. So, if Jesus was trained by the sages of India, this would explain why he was able to perform various miracles (siddhas). It also explains why there are so many philosophical similarities between early Christianity and Hinduism.

Note: Bhavishya Purana is no longer in yathaswaroop (as it was) nd Bhavishya Purana is a controversial subject and is not considered genuine (as it was written), More on this subject

I don't mean any Offence on (towards) any Religion or anyone's religious believes. I am just expressing what I came to know when I searched for Jesus in Sanatan Dharma Scriptures.

So as a concluding statement, it is up to your buddhi/viveka (intellect) to decide what is correct or incorrect, and seeing the proofs I say JESUS WAS/MIGHT-BE A BHAKTA NOT AVATAR OF Shriman Narayana.

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