‘Dream’ of Lord Shiva


This is a good sign or a guidance to be followed which you decipher by yourself what it could be. More likely it seems a guidance. Lord Shiva says thus in 11th chapter of Shiv Rahasya

  1. My Signs are of two kinds, those that endure and those that pass away. The enduring ones are the Sky, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Mountains and the Sea. The passing ones are of three kinds. Things that come to pass in daily life, visions and dreams. Some are a guidance to be followed, some are a good tiding and some are an ill omen or a warning. A human form of handsome features, a Radiant One (a God), a holy man, a King or Queen; the Sun's or one's own clear reflection in water, a bright cloud, a rainbow or a sky-blue light; riding upon a horse, white bull or elephant; women, children and wild beasts being kind towards each other and to oneself; dwelling in a sheltered place or a well-kept house; eating pure food, wearing pure apparel in the day and resting in a pure bed at night; flying into the bright Sky, being in beautiful surroundings, being in the company of good friends or Gods; lying down with the head towards the South; casting a clear, unbroken and unshaken shadow; a growing plant; a running stream or lotus pond; a pleasant scent. These are auspicious Signs (Sulakshana) to be sought whilst waking, dreaming or seeing a vision. For they all are boding well.

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