Queries on Śrī Lalitā Sahasranāma Phalaśruti


This KAmAkotimanadali page tries to determine "lalitA sahasranAma - adhikAra nirNaya".

That means trying to determine who all are competent to recite the stotram. That means not all are competent to start with.

Bhagavan Hayagriva clearly mentions the qualification required for the recitation/practice of Sri Lalita Sahasranama in the pUrva pIThikA of the Sahasranama.


  1. The Sahasranama is never to be given to a one who is a crook, who finds pleasure in other’s misery and one who has no faith in Amba/Guru. Such people are not qualified to recite this Sahasranama.

  2. Now, let’s say the person has overcome all these qualities. Is that sufficient? No! Bhagavan further says - shrImAtR^ibhaktiyuktAya - the person should be devoted to Sri Lalita. One can be a devotee of Sri Shiva, Sri Ganesha, Sri Vishnu or even of other forms like Sri Kali or Sri Durga. But a person whose chief upAsyA is Sri LalitAmbikA, he alone is qualified to recite this Sahasranama.

  3. Ok! We have a person who is good, and is also devoted to Sri Lalita. Is that sufficient? Not again! Bhagavan says: shrIvidyArAjavedine - one who has been initiated into Srividya - he alone is qualified to recite this Sahasranama. Some assume that Srividya here can be bAla, panchadashi or Shodashi, but there is no room for doubt here. Srividya here is simply Panchadashi. The question of Shodashi does not arise at all as Shodashi includes Panchadashi in itself and hence holds good without a doubt. bAlA upAsakas are eligible to recite bAlA sahasranAma but not lalitA sahasranAma.

Now, you have clarified to me elsewhere, in some comments, that you are not initiated and in particular that you do not have a Sri VidyA DikshA. So, it seems that you are not yet competent to recite the stotram.

And that's why instead of all the sincere efforts you are failing to get the benefits which the Phalasruti mentions.

Now, that makes Goddess really concerned for you. Because you are a devotee but you are devoid of the right guidance. And, i think, that's why you got that dream where you got to know, for the first time in your life, about the Panchadashi.

If you ask me to interpret the dream, then i'll say, Goddess is simply asking you to take a Sri VidyA dikshA. So, that you may become competent to recite the stotram which you love so much.

And, generally speaking, in all cases DikshA is the first thing to be done. It is the first step towards spiritual progress. And all the other things come after that.

This is how Lord Shiva condemns the act of remaining uninitiated:

AdikshitA ye kurvanti japapujAdikAh kriyAha |
Na phalanti priye teshAm shilAyAmupta vijavat ||


[Lord Shiva says to Sri Devi] Whatever a person, who is not initiated, does, whether it is PujA (worship) or Japa (chanting) or any other religious acts, proves abortive just like seeds sown on stones.

KulArnava Tantram 14.96

That article i quoted also lists a warning for those who recite the stotram but who are not yet qualified.

The Phalasruti says that a person without the said qualification, who recites the Sahasranama, attracts Yogini Shapa - curse from the Yoginis. The Sahasranama is infinitely powerful and using it without the said preparation blows up one’s energy network. As Yoginis are nothing but the various energies in the body, yogini shApa means energy disturbances in the body which manifest as various physical, emotional and intellectual disorders.

Although it might not be helpful for your case, still i am quoting the rules for reading the stotram:

Sri Lalita Sahasranama is both a Stotra and a mAlA mantra. If you choose to recite it as a Stotra, recite it vocally, at an even pace, without shaking one’s head, hands, legs or engaging in other activities during the recitation. If recited as a mAlA mantra, one needs to perform RishyAdi nyAsa, panchapUja, recite the dhyAna Shloka, show the relevant Mudras if directed by the Guru and then begin reciting the Mantra with a chant of Pranava. The recitation of Pranava is based on one’s varNa. This has been discussed at length by Sri Bhaskararaya in Saubhagya Bhaskara. When recited as a mantra, it can be repeated mentally. Though some perform a purashcharana of the Sahasranama, I don’t see any need for the same. As only Srividya Upasakas are permitted to recite the Sahasranama, it comes without saying that they have the mUla mantra which requires purashcharana and not the Sahasranama. There are several Sahasranamas which come with purashcharana instructions. But the fact that Sri Lalita Sahasranama does not come with any such instruction points towards the necessity of Upasana of Srividya mantra along with the Sahasranama for full result.

The three prescribed duties for a Srividya Upasaka are:

  1. Chakrarajarchana

  2. Srividya Japa

  3. Sahasranama Japa

But you need not worry because you already got Bhakti for Goddess. So, you will certainly get the GUru and desired results sooner or later.

Bhakti is already a prescribed qualification to even take up the recitation of the Sahasranama. Amba has not been declared mantravashyA, tantravashyA, yajnavashyA etc. but only as BhaktivashyA. The only sure way to win her infinite and unconditional grace is by Bhakti, which leads one to a state where the truth of Amba as the self is comprehended. As the Sahasranama also states - nAmapArAyaNaprItA, what better way to please Amba than by reciting the thousand names with a sense of overflowing love for the Supreme Mother of the universe? rAga or love for worldly objects leads to bondage. But the same love or anuraga, when turned towards Amba becomes Bhakti and leads to liberation. parAnukraktirIshware bhaktiH. Every name recited should be a call to Amba, lifting our arms - asking her to lift us up in her arms. Every name recited should be a prostration at her feet, surrendering the self to her. Every name recited should be an indication of unbearable grief due to separation from Amba. Every name should be an outcry of unfathomable joy arising out of her proximity that is felt with the recitation of every name!

So, i feel the fact that you are not initiated yet and also the fact that you are not initiated into Sri VidyA yet are apparently the reasons for your perceived failures.

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