How do I know what is the right kind of work for me?


This is a great question, for any saadhaka (Hindu practitioner). It has received some depth-touching answers.
But I have a different one, so I am contributing this late.

Some concepts are inter-dependent systems (अन्योन्याश्रित व्यवस्था). For example, Newton's laws are valid in inertial frame of reference. And Inertial frame of reference is defined as the frame of reference where Newton's laws apply.
Let us agree to call such inter-dependent cases as dual systems. In a dual system, one can not define a single entity independently of others.

The doer-action (कर्त्ता-कर्म) is also a dual system. One can not define action, without identifying doer.
In life, a human being assumes multiple hats (roles) simultaneously. For example, you may be a database admin, a mother, a wife, a sister, daughter, citizen, student, teacher etc.
All these roles have different responsibilities (obligations). Observing those obligations/duties is your rightful work.

Thus, when you ask what is rightful work for you, also ask further what role are you assuming for yourself ?
The moment you fix the role, the corresponding rightful work will become clear.

Additionally, BG asks you to perform your rightful work, without attachments.

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