Which scriptures mention about Sutak dosha (various prohibitions on child birth)?


which scriptures mention about Sutak dosha?

Manu Smriti, Chapter 5 declares ten days of Sutaka (impurity) for Sapinda.

  1. A man who hears of a (Sapinda) relative's death, or of the birth of a son after the ten days (of impurity have passed), becomes pure by bathing, dressed in his garments.

Vishnu Smriti, Chapter 22 gives impurity period by each Varna.

  1. The impurity of a Brâhmana caused by the birth or death of Sapindas lasts ten days.

  2. In the case of a Kshatriya (it lasts) twelve days.

  3. In the case of a Vaisya (it lasts) fifteen days.

  4. In the case of a Sûdra (it lasts) a month.

Gautama Smriti, Chapter 14 agree with Vishnu Smriti. It declares:

  1. (The rules regarding impurity caused by the death of a relative apply) to the birth (of a child) also.

And then

  1. The Sapindas become impure by the death (of a relative) during ten (days and) nights, except those who officiate as priests, who have performed the Dîkshanîyeshti (or initiatory ceremony of a Srauta sacrifice), and those who are students.

  2. (The impurity) of a Kshatriya lasts for eleven (days and) nights,

  3. (That) of a Vaisya twelve (days and) nights,

  4. (Or), according to some, half a month,

  5. (And that) of a Sûdra a whole month

Vashishtha Smriti, Chapter 4 also declares the same.

  1. A Brâhmana is freed from impurity (caused by a death or a birth) after ten days,

  2. A Kshatriya after fifteen days,

  3. A Vaisya after twenty days,

  4. A Sûdra after a month.

Parashara Smriti, Chapter 3 allow Brahmana to be pure after three days.

  1. Now I shall speak of the term of impurity resulting on the occurrence of a birth, or a death. Brahmans in three days become pure again, when a relative has died, or has been born.

  2. A Kshatriya recovers purity in twelve days ; a Vaisya, when fifteen days have passed ; a Shoodra, after the lapse of a month ; this is conformable to what Parasara has said.

What are prohibitions on it?

Vishnu Smriti, Chapter 22 gives following prohibitions:

  1. During the period of impurity oblations (to the Visvedevâs), gifts and receiving of alms, and study have to be interrupted.

Other prohibitions are given in Rickross's answer.

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