Why is Lord Hanuman also referred as “Bajaranga Bali”?


I read this and to me makes sense.

Hanuman is called Bajrang Bali. I tried to understand why he was so called. This name is being used mostly in Northern India and less in Southern India, indicating Lord Hanuman.

According to my understanding, the original word might be VAJRAANGABALI. If we split this word, we will get 3 words. VAJRA + ANGA + BALI.

A) VAJRA[1] indicates 2 meanings.

  1. It means THUNDERBOLT that we see during rainy season, indicating great celerity, power and effectiveness. That is why the weapon of Lord Indra is called VAJRAAYUDHA.

  2. It means a DIAMOND, indicating here the person having the strength of diamond

B) ANGA means[2] parts of body.

C) BALI means[3] person having immense strength.

By understanding the meanings of 3 words together we will get a different meaning, i.e., a person having immense strength, celerity and effectiveness in his bodily parts equivalent to a THUNDERBOLT or a DIAMOND.

This name VAJRAANGABALI of Lord Hanuman might have got corrupted in the Eastern parts of India to Bajrang Bali.

The sound VA will be spelt in the Eastern parts of India as BA. For example: the name RAVINDRANATH TAGORE will be spelt as RABINDRANATH TAGORE.

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