Is there any god / deity for the mathematics?


According to Vayu Purana, Chapter 70, Samvatsara is the overlord of Ganita. When, everything was created by Prajapati Kashyapa, then he assigned every god their respective domain. In this process Samvatsara was assigned as presiding deity of Ganita.

पक्षाणां च विपक्षाणां मुहूर्तानां च पर्वणाम्।
कलाकाष्ठाप्रमाणाना गतेरयनयोस्तथा।
गणितस्याथ योगस्य चक्रे संवत्सरं प्रभुम्। १५॥

He made Sanvatsara as the lord of Ritus (seasons), months and groups of seasons, fortnights, Vipaksas (the day of transition from one half of a lunar month to another), Muhûrtas', Parvans, Kalās’, Kasthas', and Pramănas", the movement of the solstices, Ganita (mathematical calculations) and Yogas (astronomical divisions of time or combinations of Stars).

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