Did mountains use to have wings?


As Sundarkandnirnay - 2 says

Mainak parvat had wings. Earlier all the mountains had wings. They out of pride, started flying in the air and settling down at their will. This caused inconvenience to the people at large. Hence Indra cut the wings of all the mountains.

But Mainak, the golden parvat, 100 yojana in width, took shelter of vayu and then consequently was saved and allowed to stay in lavan samudra.

And one more point need to mention, which may be out of this question but from same link,

The fact that Mainak was 100 yojana, 800 miles, shows Lanka is not the Srilanka we often mistake, Lanka is far away beyond Malayachal, behind trikut parvat. Srilanka is simhala dweep according to Varaha purana.

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