Exact relation between lord shiva and goddess Kali?


Before coming to your question, a little background understanding is important. Here it is..

Before the creation of world Shiva use to be in Ardhanareshwara (Half body is of woman and half is of man) form. Brahma starts creation of world but at one point Lord Brahma got lack in energy/power to complete the work of srijan (creation). Then he went to Shiva and ask for help. Then Shiva gave his half form (woman form) in form of energy to Lord Brahma. That woman form of Shiva is knows as AAdi Shakti.

Then Brahma used that energy to complete the creation work of world. He created all living and non living things which includes plants, animals, humans, Gods and stones sand and so on. Means everything is created by Lord Brahma with the help of power of Aadi Shakti. That means Aadi Shakti is present in Planets, stars, in every living thing and in everything that one can and can't feel.

When Creation works got complete and life started in world then Aadi Shakti need to get back to Lord Shiva (It has saperate long story but I will not gonna describe here). But the problem was that She can't come to Shiva directly and become part of Shiva like before (Ardhnareshwar form) Because Aadi Shakti is being used to create world. Nature (plants and other living things) on earth is the result of Aadi Shakti. Means Aadi shakti is Nature herself. If she went back to Lord Shiva then Nature will get End. Here is why...

Why Adi Sakti Can't go back to Lord Shiva?

The whole galaxy will suffer a lot if Aadi shakti leave all her duties and goes back to Shiva here is how...


Association with Navagraha or nine planets

Adi Shakti is regarded as the one who can control all the nine planets. She divides herself to Material Shakti i.e. Durga who splits herself to operate nine planets to maintain cosmic order, Vidya Shakti i.e. Kali as source for 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu and Maya Shakti, to delude the beings to illusion and also promotes the beings to Ultimate God. As Durga Shakti She is the one who splits herself to NavaDurga provides direction and energy to all planets.

By this contrast Goddess Adi Shakti controls Nava Graha. Worshipping the nine goddess in Navaratri or Nine nights of mataji, saves you from dangerous effects of planets.


This just a very little explanation of role of Aadi Shakti in continuity of flow of life in whole galaxy. But she does many more than that. So you can imagine if she left all her duty and goes back to Shiva then what will happened to the Galxy.

So the only option to get back to Shiva was through the nature itself. Means Aadi Shakti can be with Shiva in the same way as all other life. Means She has to follow nature to get back to Shiva in which She had to take birth as human Child and then she can get Shiva.

For that purpose she first took birth as Sati. But father of Sati used to hate Shiva (It has also a long story that why he hate Shiva, If I will explain all then I might be getting out of topic). SO She couldn't stay with Shiva forever as Sati. Then She again took birth as Parvati to get her Shiva. Then She got married with Shiva again and stays with him till now.

NOTE: This background Story was important to clear your doubt, Now let's come to you real question.

Exact relation between lord shiva and goddess Kali?


Adi Shakti has divided herself to Material Shakti (Durga or Parvati), Kali (Vidya Shakti) and Yog Maya (as Mayashakti). As Vidya Shakti she splits herself to 10 kinds of eternal knowledge also known as 10 Mahavidya. The ten goddesses are known as wisdom goddesses.


So now you can understand that Kali and Parvati both are forms of Aadi Shakti. So there is not difference between kali and Parvati. So the exact relationship between Shiva and Kali will be relationship of husband and wife Because Shiva did marry parvati and like that he got married with all 10 Mahavidya (all forms of Aadi shakti which includes Kali also).

Here are some more important points on Aadi Shakti (just for little extra knowledge) by which you will come to know the importance of Aadi shakti.


All 10 forms of Aadi shakti are original source of ten incarnation (अवतार) of Lord Vishnu.

  1. From Dhumavati, Lord Matsya was incarnated
  2. From Bagalamukhi, Lord Kurma was incarnated
  3. From Bhairavi, Lord Varaha was incarnated
  4. From Chinnamasta, Lord Narasimha was incarnated
  5. From Tripurasundari, Lord Vaamana was incarnated
  6. From Matangi, Lord Parashurama was incarnated
  7. From Tara, Lord Rama was incarnated
  8. From Kali, Lord Krishna was incarnated (You are asking about this form of Aadi Shakti)
  9. From Kamala, Lord Buddha was incarnated
  10. From Bhuvaneshvari, Lord Kalki will be incarnated ....[ CONTENTS FROM WIKI ENDS ]

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