Who was at Fault for Draupadi Vastraharan – Duryodhan Or Yudhishthir?


After reading above comments and answer just my opinion is, i don't think only Kauravas were responsible for draupadi’s fate ,i think all the people who was presented in raj sabha are equally responsible. Because,

Wasn’t it the mistake of Yudhishtir to bet Draupadi, his wife in the very first place? Well, if Yudhishtir considers Draupadi as an object and bets her in a game of dice, then Duryodhan being the winner of the game as well as the object don’t you think so had every right to do anything to the winning thing ?

Bhishma Pitama, Vidur and Guru Drona crying and almost begging in front of Duryodhan for leaving Draupadi alone. I still don’t understand Why they did not request Yudhishtir to stop the game when the question of betting Draupadi was raised in a game of dice ?

Duryodhan was a adharmi so obvious he didn’t listen to them but Yudhishtir for them was a dharmi. Don’t you think they should have asked Yudhishtir to stop his nonsense of betting people in the game of dice?

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