is there any mention of gem stones in puranas?


Yes , Gemstones very amply are discussed in Hinduism scriptures. Especially the Puranas we find very detail description of the gemstones. For example Garuda Purana Achar Kanda , chapter 68 ( Agastya Samhita ) Description of te origin of the gems in the treaties of Ratna Pariksha (test of gems ) by Holy Agastya - mentions some of the valuable gemstones , states How to Test genuineness of gems , the rules to wear them etc.

These are some of the gemstones mentioned - 1) Padmaraga -2) Emerald -3) Indranila -4) Vaidurya – 5) Pusparaga -6) Diamond the Pearl -7) Karketana – 8) Pulaka -8) Rudhiraktya (blood stone)- 9) Crystal -10) Coral.

वज्रं मुक्तमणय: सपद्मरागा: समरकता: प्रोक्ता : |
अपि चेन्द्रनीलमणिवरवैदुर्या: पुष्करागाश्च: || ९ ||
कर्केतनं सपुलकं रुधिराख्यसमन्वित तथा स्फटिकम् |
विद्रुममणिश्च यत्नादुद्दिष्टं संग्रहे तज्ज्ञनये ||१०||

Gems such as Padmaraga , the Emerald , the Indranila and Vaidurya the Pusparaga , the Diamond the pearl , the Karketana , the Pulaka Rudhiraktya (blood stone) the crystal and coral should be carefully collected. Subject to the advice to the experts on the subject.

In the same chapter we find following description -:

तेषु रक्षोविषव्यालव्याधिध्नान्यघहानि च |
प्रदुर्भवान्ति रत्नानि तथैव विगुणानि च ||८||

Of the gems and the precious stones , some are endured with the virtues of expiating all sins or of acting as a prophylactic against the effect of poison , snake bytes and diseases , while there are others which are possessed of contrary virtues.

प्रथमं गुणसंपदाभ्युपेतं प्रतिबद्भं |
समुपैति यच्चदोषम् ||
अलमाभरणेन तस्य राज्ञ्नो
गुणहीsपि मणिर्न भुषणाय ||४२||

Diamonds are prohibited as articles of female wear , as they are possessed of the Mystic Virtues and making them sterile and Unhappy.

So its clear that gems posses mystic powers and people of that time used to wear these kinds of stones for the betterment of their life .

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