Why doesn’t Miracles occur in Kali Yuga?


As per oxford dictionary, Miracle is 'an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency'.

If we go by above definition, there are many such events happened in Kali Yuga too. Books by recent Yogis or Swamis narrate many such episodes. You also mentioned in your question, "now there are no magic or powers seen day to day". Such "magical powers" are possessed by few Yogis. I quote few incidents from books I read.

  1. Miracles performed by Neem Karoli Baba:

Neem karoli Baba was ardent devotee of Lord Rama and used to chant Rama nama always. Here are some of his powers or miracles he preformed which are mentioned in Book, Living with Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama.

One day a pharmacist was delivering some powder from Talital to Malital. He was a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba, so he stopped to see him on the way. I was also there.

Baba said, “I’m hungry. What is that you are carrying?” The pharmacist said, “This is arsenic. Wait and I will bring some food for you.” But Baba snatched the powder from him and ate a handful. Then he asked for a glass of water. The pharmacist thought he would die from the poison, but the next day he was quite normal.

He also ate continuously all day 40 times.

One day I thought, “Let me see how many times he can eat.” That day he took forty meals at various houses. He was eating the whole day. We wanted to know about his powers, and he knew what we wanted. So when anyone brought food before him, he ate. They would ask, “Will you eat?” And he would say, “Okay.” He went on eating all day. Finally I came and said, “You have eaten enough.” He said, “Oh, have I?” I said, “Yes!” In such a high state one becomes like a child. He is not fully aware of mundane things, but he is constantly aware of the Truth.

Swami Rama lived in Himalayas meeting various Yogis with supernatural powers. He described many such miracles in his book "Living with Himalayan Masters".

  1. Giri Bala- Women Yogi who never eats:

Paramahamsa Yoganada, in his famous book Autobiography of Yogi, mentions many miracles. One such miracle is about Giri Bala who never ate anything in her life.

"Sir, we would like to know more of the fasting saint."

"Her name is Giri Bala," I informed my companions. "I first heard about her years ago from a scholarly gentleman, Sthiti Lal Nundy. He often came to the Gurpar Road home to tutor my brother Bishnu."

"'I know Giri Bala well,' Sthiti Babu told me. 'She employs a certain yoga technique which enables her to live without eating. I was her close neighbor in Nawabganj near Ichapur (in West Bengal). I made it a point to watch her closely; never did I find evidence that she was taking either food or drink. My interest finally mounted so high that I approached the Maharaja of Burdwan and asked him to conduct an investigation. Astounded at the story, he invited her to his palace. She agreed to a test and lived for two months locked up in a small section of his home. Later she returned for a palace visit of twenty days; and then for a third test of fifteen days. The Maharaja himself told me that these three rigorous scrutinies had convinced him beyond doubt of her non-eating state.'

  1. Maheswaranath Babaji meeting Sarpa from Sarpa Loka:

Sri M went to Himalayas to find his Guru Mahavatar Babaji who taught him in his previous birth. He encounters Maheswaranth Babaji, direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji in Uttarakhand. Madhukarnath also mentions many miracles in his book, Apprenticed to Himalayan Master. Here is one such incident.

A strange spectacle unfolded before my astounded eyes. The rumbling had stopped and there was utter silence. The fireball, which was about two feet in diameter, split vertically into two, and out of it emerged something that caused goose pimples all over my body. It was a large snake, with a hood like a cobra, glowing electric blue, as if made of a transparent, violet, glass like material, with electric filaments lit inside. The snake-like creature’s eyes glowed, and it hissed softly.

My fear vanished the moment I saw the creature bend down and touch Babaji’s feet with its hood. Babaji blessed it by touching its head with his right hand, and then did something, which for a second, made me wonder if what I was seeing was a silly dream, or reality. He hissed in reply. The blue cobra straightened up and sat facing Babaji. A hissing conversation went on for quite some time. Then Babaji said, “Madhu, come forward and see the deputy chief of the Sarpa Loka.” I moved forward and carefully sat behind Babaji. The snake hissed. Babaji said, “Bow down to Nagaraj.” I bowed low before the snake. At close quarters, I could see that he was quite big and had intelligent sparkling eyes. The snake hissed and touched my head with his forked tongue. I found that I was not the least bit frightened, although I could feel a mild electric shock passing through my body.

Then abruptly, it slithered back into the globe, the two halves of which clicked shut, and with a rumbling sound, the globe took off and soon vanished in the clouds. I could not but ask Babaji to explain. “Babaji,” I said, “I deserve an explanation. If I said this to anybody, they would think I am utterly crazy, or that I am concocting some kind of fiction, so I shall keep this to myself. But please, explain to me.”

To this, Babaji says there was stellar system in Milkyway where Sarpa Loka exists. Nagas encountered with humas when people were evolved mentally through Yoga. He says when people became selfish Nagas stopped contacting with people of earth and went to NagaLoka.

Though these all appear as miracles, in reality they all can be explained by Yoga or by sastras (scriptures) derived from Vedas. Paramahamsa Yoganada explains science behind these miracles in Chapter 30 "Laws of Miracles" in his book Autobiography of a Yogi.

Apart from Miracles mentioned in books, they are also miracles happened very recently, such as strange Light caught before Utsava Murthi of Venkateswara in Tirupati Brahmotsavams. We may infer (from Chapter 30 of Autobiography of a Yogi) that light could be any Deva or creator Brahma in their Sookshma Sareera (Subtle body) who usually come there to perform utsavam (celebration) for Lord Venkateswara (Vishnu).

You can read above mentioned books to know more about miracles performed by various Yogis.

As a sidenote, Siddhis (supernatural powers) acquired by Yoga shouldn't become obstacles in our quest to find the Ultimate truth (Brahman).

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