Why Hinduism does not force any rules like other religions?


Religions like Christianity and Islam threaten their followers with eternal hell if they don't obey the rules. Thus these rules are commandments. There is no fear in Hinduism. The reason is that God runs the entire show in Christianity and Islam and any wrong doing is a direct offence against God. That is not the case in Hinduism. God is a non-doer and unattached to the universe.

Resorting to Prakrti, Nature, which is My own Power, I send forth again and again this multitude of beings that are without any freedom, owing to Nature's sway over them. These activities do not in any way bind Me, because I remain detached like one unconcerned in their midst. Under My direction and control, Nature brings out this mighty universe of living and non-living beings. Thus does the wheel of this world revolve.

Gita 9.8-10

Any wrongdoing merely adds to the stock of bad karma and is not an offence against God.

Bhakti and not fear of God

The Bhakti of India is not like the western Bhakti. The central idea of ours is that there is no thought of fear. It is always, love God. There is no worship through fear, but always through love, from beginning to end.

The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, V, p300-301

Even the Lord does not ask Hindus to accept His teachings blindly.

...Reflecting on this entire teaching, do as you think fit.'

Gita 18.63

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