Punishing a couple to stop intercaste marriage is of which Karma(Good Or Bad)?


@Sakthi,while the Scriptures generally don't encourage inter caste marriages but nowhere such marriages are said to be as punishable offences.

In some cases (where the caste of the bridegroom is higher than that of the bride) such marriages are even allowed.

A Brahmana can marry a Kshatriya or Vaishya girl; a Kshatriya can take a Vaishya wife, and a Vaishya can wed a Sudra's daughter. But the member of an inferior caste can not wed a girl of superior caste.

Vyasa Smriti,Chapter 2,verse 11.

And punishment is not a bad thing either.Its the fear of punishments only that stops offenders from creating more crimes.

Manu Smriti 7.22. The whole world is kept in order by punishment, for a guiltless man is hard to find; through fear of punishment the whole world yields the enjoyments.

And,it is even stated at one place that one of king's duties is to prevent the creation of inter-mixing of castes.

Manu Smriti 8.172. By taking his due, by preventing the confusion of the castes (varna), and by protecting the weak, the power of the king grows, and he prospers in this (world) and after death

But , i have not found any punishments as such for couples who have inter-caste(varna) marriages.Punishments for inter caste adultery cases,however, are mentioned.

So,punishing such couples by inflicting them with pain will be unlawful.


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