Negative Characterisitcs of Women - Ravana


Do our scriptures say anything about the negative traits of women or which women to avoid in general?

According Manu Smriti, there are six negative traits or characteristics of women that bring about her downfall or ruin.

9.13. Drinking (spirituous liquor), associating with wicked people, separation from the husband, rambling abroad, sleeping (at unseasonable hours), and dwelling in other men’s houses, are the six causes of the ruin of women.

So,those women who indulge in the above six acts are to be avoided as bad.

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Also ,it is implied in the same text that women can not keep secrets to themselves ,& hence the king should never tell them his plans.So,the women do not make good spies etc.

7.149. At the time of consultation let him cause to be removed idiots, the dumb, the blind, and the deaf, animals, very aged men, women, barbarians, the sick, and those deficient in limbs

7.150. (Such) despicable (persons), likewise animals, and particularly women betray secret council; for that reason he must be careful with respect to them.

The Parashara Smriti says the woman who causes abortion are to be abandoned completely.

What sin is incurred in killing a Brahman, abortion causes a sin twice as great ; there is no atonement for that sin. The abandonment of such a woman has been ordained by law.(Parshara Smriti)

The Manu Smriti further states that no libations of water for the following women:

5.90. To women who have joined a heretical sect, who through lust live (with many men), who have caused an abortion, have killed their husbands, or drink spirituous liquor.

So,these are also the women to be avoided as sinners.

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