Is the ritual of killing an animal as offering to Maa Kali correct?


I personally believe that a mother would never ask someone to kill her own children moreover she would ask to kill the wrong and the negative things within each individual.

What you feel is absolutely correct.Goddess Kali does not need the sacrifice, the necessity arises only from the side of those who eat meat.Because the Shastras unanimously agree that eating meat without sacrifice is a sin.

Example: Manu Smriti 5.52.

There is no greater sinner than that (man) who, though not worshipping the gods or the manes, seeks to increase (the bulk of) his own flesh by the flesh of other (beings)

So,in this case, i would love to feel that devotees who sacrifice animals for Goddess, are merely shooting guns from someone elses's shoulder and here "someone else" is none other than Goddess herself.


Chapter XXVI Devi Bhagawatam details the method of how to perform Navaratri.

If you see in the descriptions(given by Maharshi Vyasa) from verses 1-31 you will find that there is no reference of animal sacrifice in them.

And then in verse 32 Vyasa says:

  1. Those who eat meat, they can sacrifice animals in this worship of the Devî; and, for this purpose, goat and wild boars are the best.

33-34. O sinless one! The goats, etc., offered as a sacrifice before the Devî attain to unending heavens. Therefore persons offering the sacrifices of goats do not incur any sin. O king! The goats, etc., and other beast offered as a sacrifice before the Devas undoubtedly go to the heavenly regions; therefore, in all the S’âstras, it has been decided that this killing of animals in a sacrifice is considered as non-killing.

The above passage also justifies sacrificial killing by saying that killing for sacrifice is not killing and hence that act does not incur sin.The sacrificial animal goes to heaven etc.

But that is not my point,my point is animal sacrifice is not compulsory in the ritual.The need arises only if the performer/devotee desires to eat meat.Vyasa never mentions it as compulsory.

Hence the statement- "if we do not follow our traditions of offering a Goat to mother KALI then our line age would be cursed". does not seem to be validated by Scriptures and to me it looks like more of a belief.

Goddess Kali is described in Scriptures as "Rudhira paana Priyaa" or "One who is fond of drinking blood".But whose blood?Of some innocent animal which is nothing but Her own child?

Of course NOT ,she loves drinking blood of those demonic forces of nature(called the Asuras) who are the main obstacles in the path of Dharma or righteousness.

Here is Kalika Ashtakam ,refer to the first verse which is Her Dhyanam:

Galad-Rakta-Munnddaavalii-Kannttha-Maalaa Maho-Ghora-Raavaa Su-Damssttraa Karaalaa | Vivastraa Shmashaana-[A]alayaa Mukta-Keshii Mahaakaala-Kaama-[A]akulaa Kaalikeyam ||1||


1.1: (Salutations to Devi Kalika) From Her Neck is hanging a Garland of (severed) Heads from which Blood is dripping down, 1.2: She is making a very Terrific Sound revealing Her large Teeth, and Her appearance is extremely Dreadful to look at, 1.3: She is without any Clothes and Residing in the Cremation ground; Her Hair is let loose and Free (as is Her entire appearance), 1.4: Her entire being is manifesting the great Yearning to merge with Mahakala (to take the devotees beyond Samsara); She is Kalika, the Great Dark Goddess.

Goddess Kali is fond of drinking that blood only which is dripping from the heads of those demons whom she had slain & not of some innocent animals.

But having said that,In Tantrik rituals we do have the concept of Pancha Ma Karas" which involves of 1)eating meat(Mamasa) 2)drinking wine(MAdya) 3)eating fish(Matsya),4)eating cereals(Mudra) and 5) having sexual intercourse(Maithuna).

But,the real significances of these rituals,as given in the following excerpt from the Kularnava Tantra, have long been forgotten :

" A s soma has been ordained a Brahmana should d r i n k ; " which other Tantras are said to deny. If this however be done in the ordinary animal w a y even a Vira will go to Hell (v. 93). Nectar drinking is the union of Kundali Shakti with the Moonchit (Chichchandra). Others are but wine drinkers (vv. 107-108). The true meat eater is he who has merged his Chitta in the Supreme (v. 109). He who controls his senses and unites them with Atma is a fish-eater. The rest do but kill animals (v. 110). True sexual union is the union of Para Shakti that is Kundali with A t m a ; others do but have carnal connection with women (vv 111, 112)

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My personal opinion is that once you kill another animal its determined that you will also be killed in a similar fashion in some other life in some other worlds.So,its wise not to induldge in practices such as animal sacrifices.

And that same view is highlighted in the following Manu Smriti verse:

Me he (mam sah)’will devour in the next (world), whose flesh I eat in this (life); the wise declare this (to be) the real meaning of the word ’flesh’(mamsah)

Edit-Regarding whether using a pumpkin as the sacrifice(bali) is in accordance with Shastras.

@Mano please read the following passage taken from the essence of dharma sindhu :

As regards Bali Vidhana ( sacrifice) in the Nava Raatraas, ‘Maasha Sahitaanna’ or ‘Kushmaanda’or Pumpkin are the appropriate items as far as Brahmanas are concerned; as already mentioned above in the Preface of Navaratri Vrataas, Brahmanena Pashu maamsa Madyaadi Bali daaney, Brahmantwa bhrashtata! ( If Bali is given by Brahmanas in terms of Madya Maamsaas, Brahmantwa is lost forever!

So,the above quote proves that using a pumpkin as the bali is in accordance with Scriptures.

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