Does Hinduism prohibit talking while eating?


As per Hindu Shastras, one should not talk while bathing,eating and also not while one is performing a Homa(Yajna/Fire Ritual/Agnihotra).

Maharshi Veda Vyasa gives us the following reasons for the prohibitions :

Maharshi Veda Vyasa cautions:

Snaasyato Varunasshobhaam juhvatognih shriyam haret, Bhojane mrityumaapnoti tasmaanmounam trishu smritam/

Conversation while bathing is disliked Varuna Deva and in the course of Homa prakriya the God of Agni detests it just as while taking food Mrityu Deva(Or Yama) is annoyed; hence during these three acts of snaana-homa-bhojana, silence needs to be observed strictly.)

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Source-Dharma Bindu

I have now found further verses in the Atri Smriti( one of the 18 main Smritis) which describe the merits of keeping quiet while eating.

[While passing] excreta, [holding] sexual intercourse, [making] Homa, cleansing the teeth, bathing, taking meals, and making adorations, one should always abstain from speaking at all.

316) He, who, always abstaining from speech, takes his meals for full one year, lives gloriously in the celestial region for a thousand Koti Yugas.(Atri Smriti,Chapter 1,Verses 315,316)

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